Combo Card and Medical Facilities at MIT Manipal

One of the best parts of Manipal is that the combo card entitles you to free health care from KMC. Though this benefit is not without its risks. Around KMC, the view is great. KMC has a separate area for Student Consultation which helps you bypass the huge general queue and you can sit in a nice quiet AC room and watch the Discovery channel. Also, preference is given to students of MU so that’s awesome. The doctors are excellent too. The care is great. The free and swift ambulance ride from your hostel is excellent.kmchospital-emergency

But here’s the sad part – Hope this never happens to you but if you end up in the care of an intern, things could go crazy wrong. There are many stories, I don’t know whether all of them are true, but I do know that once a group of interns, after prolonged discussion, wrote me a total of 1250 mg of paracetamol in a single dose. I’m pretty glad I used common sense and didn’t burn my liver, so be careful out there. You see a doctor, you’re fine. You see an intern standing with a doctor, you are still fine (though it feels awkward when you are sitting with a doctor and you have many interns staring at you), but if you see only an intern, you better use that brain of yours and all the biology you ever learnt.


About the Author: Arvind Sasikumar is a student at Manipal Institute of Technology Manipal and also works at Neo-Nova Marketing Solutions as a web-developer. He is passionate about music and plays the guitar and piano.

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