The Beauty of Wishful Thinking

Psychologically, "wishful thinking" is believing something because of a desire—"wish"—that it be true.
I want P to be true. Therefore, P is true.

Every day of our lives millions of thoughts pass through our minds ranging from how beautiful the sky looks to what the answer to a question in a test is. Besides such haphazard thoughts we also have thoughts of our future, thoughts that help us to get ourselves out of bed every morning and continue our lives in a way that benefits us in the long run. When we were kids and used to go to school. These thoughts ranged from how we can play with a particular toy at school, talk to that good friend of ours to whom we could talk and play games with for hours and hours till mom or dad came to pick you up from school and the fun came to an end. And as we grew along with us our thoughts also grew the things that gave us hope or acted as an incentive to progress in life also changed.

Psychologically, "wishful thinking" is believing something because of a desire—"wish"—that it be true.
I want P to be true.
Therefore, P is true.

Yes when we were kids we were carefree, but at least once in childhood every child would have wished to grow up. When a grown up would have scolded us for an accidentally broken plate or a bad grade or their office papers which we would have played with, we would have thought that if I were grown up you wouldn’t have said anything to me.

But the irony is growing up means making life a lot more complicated. When we do grow up, we find our lives annoying, tiring, full of worries and all that. As the degree of worries increases so does our wishful thinking also increase. Because in our dreams and wishes we have nobody to question us, wishful thinking can be done free of cost (of course not in a wishing well but still). And these wishes become dreams and they guide us to where we need to go.

If you’ve seen the movie Om Shanti Om you’ll remember that drunk speech by Om (Shah Rukh Khan) in which he says what your heart desires the most, the entire universe conspires to get that for you. And according to the book The Deeper Secret, when you wish for something whether good or bad you give a message to your very powerful subconscious mind which acts accordingly. Some others also say that when you wish for something good, you send positive energy to the universe which will be used to achieve that thing that you want. And in the same way when you think something won’t happen you are actually sending negative energy, which will act against you.

To tell you my opinion of all this, well if you don’t believe in all this you certainly must believe in willpower and the faith. When you have a dream to look forward to, it makes you happy and gives you the power to push everything that blocks your path and jump to the finish line and say yeah I made it. To tell you the truth not everything in the world can be achieved in such a way. Every body has their limitations understand that but thinking this way will help you to move ahead. Maybe at times you will not reach that point but the journey towards it will make you a better person than you were before.

So every morning when you wake up instead of whining and cribbing about things, visualize what you want to be 10 years down the  line and promise yourself that you’ll become that and see positive things. Also be grateful for the good things that you have in life. That way you’ll make a positive atmosphere for yourself and others.

Stay positive & happy.

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