Why the X-Bar ‘pump’?

No one runs with their arms fixed in position by their sides – so why would anyone want to ride a bike with their arms rigidly fixed either?

Many sport-specific moves involve the upper and lower halves of the body doing something different yet acting simultaneously. The weird thing is that success in many of these different sports is affected by the position of the pelvis and where it remains.

To run fast, to skate fast, to moto-cross fast, to hit a fast ball, to turn fast on a pair of skis and of course to mountain bike, road bike and X-Bike our pelvis must constantly be the ‘peace keeper’ and remain stable between the two halves of our body. As they perform different actions at the same time, the pelvis unites the body, allowing you to perform to the best your ability – without developing injuries.

The X-Bike is the only indoor bike that allows you to better maintain a stable and neutral pelvic position while allowing simultaneous motion and resistance work for your upper body!

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