Why Indian Origin American Women are Going Gaga over Salwar Kameez

Indian fashion has advanced remarkably in the recent years. Today Indian fashion designers are dressing up famous Hollywood celebrities in their striking and fashionable outfits that reflect the international reach of Indian fashion. The advancement of Indian fashion has blended with the advancement of e-commerce and these combined factors have led to the increasing popularity of Indian ethnic wear in the USA and the rest of the world. At this moment, we are experiencing a revival of ethnic fashion at the international arena when even Indian origin American women are going gaga over salwar Kameez, Kurti and Churidar.Salwar Lashkaara 1

5 Reasons Why Indian Origin American Women are Going Gaga over Salwar Kameez

Here are the 5 most important factors that have influenced the fashion preference of Indian women living in America.

A Blend of Style and Comfort – All of us have to admit that when it comes to attending informal parties, ceremonies and events among family and friends there is nothing like wearing a gorgeous and glamorous ethnic wear like designer salwar suits. It adds a touch of bling and splash of colors to the outfit and keeps it super comfortable and light. Salwar Kameez and Anarkali Churidar are much simpler and easier to carry off compared to gowns and dresses, and it gives you absolute freedom of movement. Salwar kameez and churidar can be worn for a prolonged period without causing any discomfort. Modern American women of Indian origin who prefer a blend of comfort and style have realized the perks of Indian ethnic wear and prefer it over western wear.Salwar Lashkaara 2

True Indian Spirit – Nothing reflects the true spirit of Indian fashion better than a beautiful designer salwar kameez that brings out the desi fashionista in you. One of the main reasons for the increasing popularity of salwar kameez in the USA is the preference of young Indians to flaunt their rich and colorful culture and tradition to the rest of the world. With the increasing popularity of e-commerce, Indians residing abroad are enjoying the privilege of ordering salwar Kameez online in USA and other parts of the world which has also contributed to the popularity of Indian ethnic wear all over the world. Even the elaborate Indian wedding taking place in the USA cannot be complete without traditional ethnic attires such as the saree, salwar kameez, and lehenga that are the quintessential apparel for the bride and the bride’s maids.Salwar Lashkaara 4

Reflects the Feminine Charm – Although, Indians living in the US cannot do without western attires in their day to day life, but the level of formality of western attires makes them too stiff and conventional, leaving no room to bring out and accentuate the feminine charm. And we all know that when it comes to flaunting your charm and feminine appeal, there is nothing better than a stylish and suave designer salwar kameez that brings out the best in you without being provocative or revealing. No doubt both Bollywood divas and Hollywood celebs are upholding Indian ethnic wear and are often seen wearing them to red carpet events, award ceremonies, movie and music launches, promotions and press conferences.Salwar Lashkaara 3

Ideal for Glamorous Events – Although flamboyant gowns and statement dresses are the most common apparel for parties and social gatherings, but the young generation of today likes to play it differently and create a fashion statement of their own rather than to follow the crowd. And the best way to avoid obscurity and stand out in the crowd is to try out something different which earns accolades and appreciation from the rest of the crowd. Yes, you are right, a designer fusion salwar kameez or churidar can very well act as a show stopper at a party where the majority of the guests are dressed in similar types of gowns, dress, and skirts.Salwar Lashkaara 5

Loved by Hollywood Celebs – We must admit that all of us are inspired to dress like our favorite celebrities. And one of the major reasons why American women are going gaga over salwar kameez and other Indian ethnic wear is because their favourite Hollywood celebrities are upholding this trend and dressing up in sarees and salwar kameez at parties and gala events. Famous Hollywood celebrities like Cammeron Diaz, Madonna, Jessica Alba, Patricia Arquette, Helen Mirren, Elizabeth Hurley, Ashley Judd, Pamela Anderson and many more have dressed up in Indian ethnic wear boosting the craze for Indian apparels such as salwar Kameez, Kurti, saree and lehenga choli.Salwar Lashkaara 6

Dressing up in a salwar kameez or any other ethnic outfit cannot be complete without complementing it with the right accessories, hairdo and footwear. The best way to complete a traditional desi girl look while wearing a salwar kameez is to pair it with high-heel sandals and statement earrings or jhumkas. You can buy stunning designer salwar kameez online from reliable online stores at an affordable price.

About Author: Bhakti Goswami is a content writer/blogger at Lashkaraa.com. She enjoys keeping up with the latest trends of Indian fashion & make-up. In her time off, she enjoy catching up on her favourite Indian serials with a cup of chai.

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