Why do Indians always ‘almost’ win ???


We Indians boast of being knowledgeable and good in almost all the fields that can possibly exist under the sun. And it’s true. Still, why do we always end up ‘almost’ winning? It’s very common for us to find the following headlines in the newspapers –

Mr.ABC almost won the gold. 

Miss.XYZ almost won the pageant.

Mrs.LMN missed the spot very closely.

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Not Good Enough! Image Source: Krista’S Blog

We are good at everything, I agree completely. But are we good enough? No… We have been raised with the attitude that participation is the spirit. Winning is not that important. As kids, we have the urge to win everything we take part in. But if we don’t, our parents console us by saying participation is important. Winning is not. That cheers us up and are wise words too. But the mistake lies in the next step where in a parent/teacher should make sure the child doesn’t give up trying, because this results in no future growth. A state of stagnancy is very harmful for a growing child.

A child must be told to participate and give it their best shot. To try and do better each time, by putting a lot of hard work and efforts into it. A lot of encouragement should be given along with assurance, such that children feel they are on the right track to accomplish their goals. There must rise a feeling within, that with the right knowledge and hard work, and maybe a little luck, nothing is really impossible. Or at least that one must never stop trying. That is what we lack. We work to be good, but not to be the best!

They say ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’. It’s easy to blame the lack of talent-building on the facilities that everyone cannot afford. But with pure intent, and with focus, I’m sure one can work out a way to succeed. But these results can only come out when there is passion to go against the odds in a society like ours!

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Reach Higher! The Sky Isn‘T Really The Limit. Image Source: G.i.f.t. Where Faith, And Everything Else Collides.


With good education, a healthy upbringing and a sound guide, I’m very sure we Indians can change the headlines of the future. We are already almost reaching the bar. It’s time we made the most of our talents, went higher and grabbed it!

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