Why choose Biomass Wood Pellets?

wood pellets
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Wood pellets are used as an alternative to oil, gas, and other local fuels. Wood pellets are a renewable source of energy and used widely in the whole world. Mostly the wood pellets come from raw-materials of the forest, sawdust, shells of peanut, and other lumber products.

The dkbrænde is making wood pellets for home and industrial usage. You can make biomass friendly wood pellets by yourself and can also purchase from wood pellet makers. From the wood of a tree large amount of pellets can be made by compressing the wood. High pressure is applied to the wood to change its shape.

The wood passing through the grinding and compressing process turned into pellets that are used to obtain high energy. You can use the chopped firewood, but there is difficulty to store it. At the same time, the wood pellets can be stored easily, as they are available in 6mm – 15mm size.

Advantages of Biomass Wood Pellets

The use of biomass wood pellets has been increased with time. Statistical data shows that more than 1,000,000 homes in the US use wood pellets in the stoves. The following are some uses of wood pellets that have increased its use:

Clean and green

These are eco-friendly and renewable energy sources. Use the wood pellets as these are an excellent alternative to coal and local fuels. It helps to make the environment clean and reduce the harmful gases in the atmosphere. In the manufacturing of wood pellets, there is no use of additives, so they are air-friendly. The raw materials can be easily changed to wood pellets by compressing.

High Combustion Efficiency

The wood pellets are dried and have zero moisture. That’s why they are extensively used instead of firewood as the firewood is moistened and couldn’t be burnt completely. More fascinating features of the wood pellet are that it can be burnt with a single piece of paper. The combustion efficiency of wood pellets is 80%.

Transport and Storage Convenience

The biomass wood pellets are highly compressed and passed through high pressure. They can be stored in a little place as compared to firewood. The wood pellets save money and space and easily transportable.

Safety in Use

In the formation of wood pellets, no additives are used. There is no danger to use these pellets in the home and kitchen, for the safest cooking use chemical-free natural wood pellets.


The wood pellets offer high sustainability as when the pellets have burnt the ash of pellets can be used in the gardens as a fertilizer. The ash of pellets contain potassium and lime and increase the alkalinity of the soil. Promote the growth of your garden flowers and vegetable by reusing the ash of wood pellets.

Final Words

The wood pellets are easy to use and highly sustainable. If you want to save your money and space, use the wood pellets in kitchens, pizza oven, and many more. In developed countries, people are promoting the use of biomass wood pellets.

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