Which Betting Sites Accept Bitcoin?

Bitcoin currency
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Bitcoin betting applied for sports events – that would have sounded ridiculous and embarrassing, to say the least, a few years ago. Now times have changed. Not only it is possible to bet using bitcoin, but it is one of the safest ways to do it. A decade ago, cryptocurrencies have started to alter the financial and monetary world to the ground. With the establishment of first cryptocurrency bitcoin, although with a slow tempo at the beginning, more and more people have shared their trust in the new monetary power.

Is it safe to bet with bitcoin

Nowadays, bitcoin is considered to be a precious asset either for individuals and businesses altogether. It is one of the most reliable payment methods. You can easily pay your utility bills, fill the tank or pay the bill in the restaurant. Moreover, you can use it while surfing on your favorite website for clothes and making a purchase online. It was just a matter of time for bitcoin to invade the sports betting market.

Bookmakers, on the other side, are willing to facilitate their customers and to attract even more by facilitating their bets. Permitting to do it via bitcoin will surely attract many gamblers and will strengthen the market share of the bookies. There is no doubt that it is not only safe to bet with bitcoin, but it will become a more common and preferred method in the near future.

How to use Bitcoin for sports betting

You already know that all bookmakers accept cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. The latter turned to be a pillar for online casinos, and now it will do the same with the esport betting market. The team of azBookmakers suggests a few simple steps on how to use bitcoin for sports betting:

  • Register an account in the exchange – it will take you no more than a few minutes. The procedure is similar to the process of signing up in Netteller, Skrill or PayPal. There can be some requirements for authentication due to the latest KYC (Know Your Customer) rules;
  • Type your bank account and link it with the exchange. Usually, you will have to execute a small deposit in order to verify your account;
  • Register a wallet – type your personal data, follow the verification process, protect your wallet, and you can start using bitcoins. Afterward, you should have a 32-character pin and QR code. The latter will be your wallet payment address;
  • Now you can download and upload funds for betting.

Recommendations for relevant sites

There are many websites that permit the usage of crypto for payment. Anyway, the team of azBookmakers will mention only reliable and trustworthy providers. You can bet there safely and without hesitation:

  • bovada.com;
  • nitrogensports.eu;
  • 1xbit.com;
  • betcoin.ag.

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