What’s up with all the change !!!! :/

What's up with all the change!!!! :/ 1
Why Does It Need To Change? I Am Not Going To Shift To Google + Even I You Remain The Same !

I know stuff around you is bound to change, but then how much,huh! After a whole day of slogging thru classes and attending to patients at clinics, I get back to check my fb. At first I never notice it, but then when I click my friend’s picture to view it, a bubble comes up-‘check out blah blah’ , I think it’s just a one time thing, maybe some random new thing in fb.. I click on it and proceed.. then suddenly, out of nowhere, ten more boxes jump out and I sit back, staring at the screen.. wondering what the hell is happening around there.

Okay, so I see a scroll just where the birthday reminders are supposed to be, umm.. lists everywhere ( and not the ones I remember making ) and overall, a complete mess and a very very cluttered home page. no offence to people who like the new fb layout.. but I need to get this out of my head.. I HATE THE NEW FB !! It’s a tad bit complicated and a lot more s**tier !

I am not writing much.. I just want to know what yu guys think about this .. I m not a fb loyalist of sumthing, but then, i just want the stuff to be the way it was.. I mean, is fb getting insecure cuz of Google+ ?? umm, dunno.. temme what yu guys think of the new fb 😀

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