What to do if you are dismissed from the University?

When a person enters college, he gets more freedom than at school: there is no one to make him run around, he does not receive a “kick” for an unfulfilled task or debt, does not depend on parents for missing pairs of socks, they don’t give any writing help, etc. Many students are simply not ready for such freedom. As it turns out, they are not yet able to plan their time and learn “at will”. In fact, post-school education is a personal initiative of the student.

So the main problem of the student is what to do if you are dismissed from the university?

If you were summoned to the dean’s office and threatened to be debarred. This means that not everything is lost, the order is not signed, the student is not rusticated yet. Now you need to mobilize and act:

  • We conduct preparatory work very quickly (you need to try to do this for a break between couples): walk around all the teachers, of which subjects you have debts. Be sure to confuse each teacher with the fact that you have not been able to correctly plan your time, tell me that you are guilty of everything and already know how to fix the situation, tell about specific actions, show them any paper writing done by you. In the extreme case, tearfully complain about your hard luck. Ask the instructor to find time for you so that you can correct the situation, say that you are ready for everything. Agree immediately about the time.
  • Now run to the dean’s office and promise that you will have time to fix all the debts. Be sure to tell with what teachers you agreed, write in the colours, how they want to meet you and set the time for correction. Pay attention to the dean that you learned a lesson from this situation, wrote  a research paper and learned how to plan your time.
  • Another plan: collect all the help! For example, if you have been ill for a long time, then the certificate from the doctor may play a role in deciding the decision. If you have other valid reasons why you missed classes or did not issue credits during the term, then look for documents confirming this.
  • Many experienced students are advised to apply for an academic leave when they leave the university. Doing this is not always simple … To take an academic vacation, you need a good reason. If you have a difficult financial situation in the family, make a certificate of income, give it to the university. This will be an explanation for your failure – you had to work hard to feed yourself and your family. For sickness or pregnancy, you can also give an academic leave. Think about your unique position!
  • Contact a student union (trade union), if there is any. In many institutes, a trade union has its own lawyer who protects the interests of the student if he is a member of the trade union committee. Believe, this is a very effective measure!
  • Find someone who will advise a good writing essay service that will help you to catch up and write missed types of paper.
  • Well, and finally, use “heavy artillery” – parents. Come with mom, dad, cry, apologize, even if you fall down. Before the family, the dean can take a look and give one more chance.

When the time is lost, the order for deductions has left, and you still want to return to the university, proceed to the next:

  • Restoration (except for 1 course). In this case, you will need to write a statement addressed to the rector, which indicates the circumstances under which you walked classes. Well, if you will have a certificate of help, which confirms this circumstance.
  • Think about any valid reason (disease, pregnancy, family circumstances, business trips or educational trips from the university). It will help you to compete and stay at the university.


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