What Nightmares Do Medical Students See?

Becoming a medical student is the dream of many. For some reason we thing that being a medical student is great. Sure they will become doctors one day but getting there is not so easy. It is a nightmare at times. The result is rewarding but the journey might break you. It is important to be aware of the following challenges faces by medical students

  1. Personal Statement: Let’s start before you even are accepted as a medical student. This is the first biggest hurdle you would have to cross. Many students need help with personal statement because of the importance. This is where you have to almost sell yourself. Knowing you are capable versus putting it in words is two different things. There are many applicants but only a handful gets accepted.
  1. Amount of studying: No one believes that becoming a doctor is easy. It really should not be easy. With that being said, nothing prepares a medical student for just how much work it is. Have you seen the textbooks medical students have to get through? There are long days spent in the classroom with even longer study periods. Sometimes it feels like you just can’t keep up. You might start feeling like you are not smart enough but this is the ultimate test. It is important for my future doctor to be tested to the limit, mentally. I need my doctor to be calm in moments of stress and this is where they push you to breaking point. You have to pass this test even though it seems like a nightmare.
  1. Social life: This one ties in with number 3. With the amount of work you will be having and the long class sessions, your social life becomes not existent. You will have very little time to work on friendships, let alone love. Sure you might meet the future partner in Med School but it is not always the case. It might even be advisable to let it be until after you are qualified. Who does not want to befriend or date a doctor? While in medical school, focus on your work. There will be times where you will want to go out but for now you have too much to do and too little time. This issue can be a nightmare for some, especially if you are already in a relationship and have great friends. You could explain to your friends or partner the complexity of your work and cross your fingers they stick by your side.
  1. Real injuries: It’s all fun and games when we look at pictures in a textbook but nothing really prepares a medical student for the real deal. I am not talking small scrapes by a five year old. What about someone who was in a car crash. These young medical students have to deal with it in a professional manner. These students are only human and sometimes discover they are not cut out for this job after qualifying. I had a friend who showed me the neurosurgery residency programs list and was so excited about getting into one of these programs. This guy got into the best neurosurgery residency and then decided to walk away. He just could not handle working in a real hospital on real emergency cases.
  1. Death:You know this is one of the things you will have to deal with as a doctor. Unfortunately it does not always wait that long. During your residency you will encounter real situations. One of those situations might be someone dying. Having to explain to the family what happened can be traumatizing; for you as well as the family. This is where you would need to dig deep and find the strength. The strength they prepared you for with all those long class sessions and enormous volumes of work. It at least happens once for every medical doctor but just like many, you can overcome it too.

There will be many nightmares, but this will be worth it in the end. The satisfaction you will get from helping other human beings will trump any bad experience you have. Now go and write that personal statement and take the first step into becoming the next Medical Doctor!

jessica-andrewsAbout the Author: Jessica Andrews is junior doctor and her passion is guest posting writing. She is fond of writing useful posts for students for make their life easier and studies more effective.Now she is also works as a content writer at http://neurosurgeryresidency.com/ . Her life credo is “Never give up“. 

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