What makes X-Biking different from traditional indoor cycling (Spinning)?

There are many things that differentiate X-Biking from the indoor cycling that most people are familiar with.

First and foremost, the patented X-Bars (right) are designed to engage the upper-body and core musculature as the rider moves them from side to side mimicking the real motion created when riding a real mountain or road bike out of the saddle while climbing or sprinting. The handlebar movement also promotes improved balance and coordination functions further enhancing the effectiveness of regular X-Bike rides. Further, the X-Bars incorporate a resistance mechanism to enhance the upper body and core workout not possible with traditional indoor cycling (Spinning).

Second, the X-Bike uses a standard ‘freewheel’ gear mechanism unlike the ‘fixed gear’ mechanism found on the traditional Spinning bike. The X-Bike’s freewheel gear makes it the safest indoor bike to ride and further enhances X-Biking workouts because the rider is forced to maintain correct form and utilize their entire pedal stroke, thereby increasing the overall metabolic cost of the effort. This is just one of the reasons X-Biking classes need only be 30 minutes long.

Third, the X-Bike features an on-the-fly shifting mechanism that permits the rider to control the resistance at the pedals without moving their hand from the handlebars and with a very high degree of accuracy.

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