What are Fake Pee Samples?

fake pee

The fake urine samples are artificially curated in bio and chemical labs under favorable temperatures. The synthetically composed urine samples look the same as natural urine. Even their color, temperature, and solubility properties are the same. One can never differentiate and compare biological and fake urine samples by testing them.

The synthetic urine sample comes in a plastic bag; the urine sample has pale and light warm yellow color. It comprises other minerals and natural substances that are found in natural urine. Sulfates, ammonia, uric acid, and area are added to fake pee samples to make them the chemically appropriate natural urine samples.

It was unimaginable that one could fake his urine test, but now phony urine testing kits have made it conveniently easy for users to forge their routine urine tests.

Why Do the Fake Urine Samples Resemble Natural?

The synthetically formed urine samples undergo a detailed scientific process that adds natural colorings, preservatives, and human-made compounds. The fake urine sample must contain the appropriate creatinine, sulfates, PH, and temperature levels to replicate with the natural urine samples.

A standard urine sample has a temperature ranging between 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Fake urine samples and kits must be heated before use in the microwave or on heating pads. An appropriate percentage of uric acid is added to the synthetic solution to achieve a natural urine standard. Manufactures ensure their synthetic samples’ longevity, as one never knows when he is directed to undergo a urine test.

How to Pass the Dope Test Using Synthetic Urine?

You must ensure that you follow all guidelines and instructions mentioned on synthetic urine packaging while you undergo a drug test. Commonly all fake urine testing kits come along with heating pads to maintain an average urine temperature. If you have purchased a synthetic urine sample that comes in a powdered form, you must carefully read out the instructions about how much water you have to add to make it an appropriate urine sample.

Please go through the details about the urine sample you are using and then carefully transfer it to the testing laboratory’s container. It is advisable to perform a pre-test run to practice and become fully aware of how to use fake urine kits.

Why Is Synthetic Urine Considered Best to Forge a Urine Test?

Synthetic urine is easy to carry and use; one can use urine belts while undergoing a urine test. Users preferring detox drinks or pills require preparation but using fake urine kits is convenient and takes minutes to be heated, mixed, and then is ready to be submitted to the lab.

As these synthetic urine kits are available in the local market, hardly anyone undergoes a long 5-7 days detox cycle before appearing in a urine or drug test. Detox drinks can overshadow and hide toxins in your body just for a few hours; that is why it is always preferred to carry fake urine samples.

A urine test is considered the most critical medical test, and one should never rely on the odds and always take it seriously.

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