Facts You May Not Know about Fake Pee

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A laboratory-made product, synthetic urine, has a composition that is quite similar to actual human urine’s chemical properties and appearance. It is also known by the name of fake pee due to its striking similarity with human urine.

Uric acid, creatinine, and compounds mimicking urea are the fundamental components of synthetic urine and make up a significant part of actual human urine. However, synthetic urine also has a mixture of other compounds like ammonium sulfates, potassium, phosphates, and chlorides.

The elemental mixture mentioned above may vary with different manufacturers. When manufacturing synthetic urine, it is made sure to keep in mind that its specific gravity and pH are made to match actual human urine.

A Glance at the History of Synthetic Urine

Though the name sounds contemporary, its history dates back to the 1800s. A key component of synthetic urine, artificial urea, was first created by Fredrick Wohler in 1828. Manufactured urea was the very first compound to be produced under laboratory conditions.

The discovery of artificial urea put an end to the popular theory of that time known as vitalism. According to vitalism, all living beings are dependent on a completely different force from all chemical and physical energies.

Since then, synthetic urine has been around for quite some time. It has been popular for several different uses. The article will also discuss some of the services of synthetic urine.

Points to Consider when Purchasing Synthetic Urine

A few things are necessary to be kept in mind when purchasing synthetic urine. They have been discussed below;

  • Manufacturer reliability is essential when buying synthetic urine to avoid scams. You can check the reliability through the product reviews and the prices and easily avoid falling victim to any scammer.
  • The average real human urine temperature is almost ninety to a hundred degrees Fahrenheit, and synthetic urine also possesses the same temperature since it is used as an alternative. The ideal product deal comes with a heating pad and strips to test and measure the urine temperature.
  • Long shelf life is also an important point to consider when purchasing synthetic urine. Before buying the product, check if it has undergone sterilization processes that aid in increasing the shelf life.

How is Fake Pee Used in Other Fields?

  • Scientific Researches and Teaching

Due to its very similar composition to the actual human urine, fake pee is used in various scientific research projects. It is also used to conduct experiments when teaching.

Its hazard-free composition makes it a safe alternative for use. Synthetic urine is also used to test the urinalysis calibration equipment.

  • Gardening    

The use of actual human urine can put the plant life at risk due to bacteria and other harmful components. An alternative to providing your garden with essential nutrients is the use of synthetic urine.

Synthetic urine comprises nitrogen and phosphorus, the two critical elements for plant growth. It allows better plants, but it will also keep stray animals away from your garden because of the smell it imparts.


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