What Are Mini Skips And What Are Its Uses?

mini skips

Skips are the containers that are used for the removal of waste and depending on the amount of waste they are available in different sizes. The smallest one which is available at Best Price Skip Bins is the category called Mini skips.

What Is A Mini Skip? 

It is the minute-sized skip provided by the skip engage companies. They are a lot useful if you have to throw away a little sum of misuse, so they are suitable mostly for domestic purposes. They are very affordable especially when you have a restricted working place.

What Measurement Is A Mini Skip? 

Skip hire companies offer mainly 2 sizes of mini skips – 2 yard and 3-yard skips. Some companies provide the four-yard skip as a mini skip also.

How Many Does Mini Skip Have? 

The two-yard mini skip holds nearly 8 wheelie bins or 25 black Bin bags while the three yards skip holds up to 35 black bin bags or 12 wheelie bins.

What Are Mini Skips Used For? 

This skip size is normally used for domestic jobs but recently its commercial use has increased drastically. For domestic use, a mini skip can be hired for bathroom or kitchen renovation, refit, and redecoration, or Garden cleanup purposes. This skip size can be practically used for any household job or DIY forecast that makes a little amount of rubbish. That is why they are the most popular choice for household waste removal.

Mini skips are also suitable for some commercial uses. They are hired as subordinate backup skip on construction or for the removal of plasterboards. Sometimes at construction sites, they can be used for removing the excess waste after the project is over.

What Can Be Put In A Mini Skip? 

Mini skips can be used for disposing of small amounts of domestic waste, garden waste, furniture, and even the remains of the old bathroom or kitchen and small amounts of concrete or soil.

Advantages Of Hiring A Mini Skip 

Cheaper prices

Mini skips are the smallest-sized skips so they can be hired for a very low price than other skip sizes while offering enough space for a small amount of domestic waste.

Environmentally friendly

In a number of cases, the complete skip contents can be recycled so many skips hire companies to achieve recycling rates of over 80%.

Minimum space needed

Mini skips are perfect for locations with small area sizes or when you are having a restricted workspace. They can be placed in small gardens as they are easy to position. Placing them on your land will avoid the payment for a skip permit, which is another reason for them being so affordable.

Saves time and money

Instead of spending fuel and hours moving to and from your home to the dumping place, you may hire a mini skip.


So, the above-mentioned points are the reasons why you should hire a mini skip for getting rid of a small amount of commercial and domestic waste. Glasgow Skip Hire can deliver your skip to any home, commercial property, or building site.

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