What Happiness Means to Me.

Being Rich means what you are and not what you have.

This is just going to be short (Well.. Its going to be short in my mind.. It might in reality end up being a page or more xD). Okay, so I’ll try to make this short. Happiness is something that basically everyone strives for in life. That’s why we came up with (over here) “The American Dream” Big house, white picket fence,2.5 kids, good job, loving spouse. and a nice car. In reality, even people who have these things aren’t always happy… So happiness isn’t about what you have. Because humans are too selfish in nature.. We always seem to want more…

When I think about the times I’m most happy, it is usually when I am around my friends. Or doing something I find challenging or expressive. Sometimes we are all over at someone’s house having a game night.. Sometimes we all stay up way past bed time and just talk. We go on hikes, or camping trips, watch movies, cook and eat food… People, especially close friends, are one of the things that make me happy. We don’t even have to have nice things or money to have fun together. We always seem to come up with things to do. I am also happy when I am making things. I enjoy the challenge of creating or recreating something, whether on paper, in sculpture or invention. I like knowing how things work, and making new things. Art of all forms is a passion of mine.

Challenging myself (physically or mentally) makes me happy… I like doing things and then challenging myself to do them better. Running, rock climbing, rowing, swimming.. Anything that is a sort of test for myself makes me excited, and even when I fail, I can always go back and try again later.. when I actually complete a goal it makes me happy and content.

I guess to sum things up, My happiness is being with people I love, and challenging myself to do or make things. Its more of a way to live, and a culmination of the choices you make and the attitude you decide to have, rather than a thing to achieve. See? I did it in half a page =]

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