What Are the Most Uncommon Topics for Thesis to Write?

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Your thesis project is the culmination of what you’ve learned so far. It’s the ultimate academic paper, which showcases your abilities to research, think critically and creatively, formally express yourself, and prove strong arguments.

The Harvard College Writing Center gives a helpful tip on how to develop a thesis. You should imagine you’re a lawyer presenting a case in front of the jury. You need strong arguments and evidence that convince the panel you’re making a strong point. This thesis may be part of an essay, academic article, research paper, or an entire MA/Ph.D. thesis paper.

This is the most significant problem for students: how do they choose the most interesting research topics?

Original Thesis Topics to Consider

The entire project depends on your choice of a topic. It has to be uncommon, unusual, and innovative.

Unfortunately, this is the place where most students get stuck. They are so puzzled by choice of a topic that they decide to hire writers who writing term papers for money. There’s nothing wrong with seeking solutions when you’re struggling. But if you get inspired, you might avoid spending money on this paper.

We’ll suggest a few interesting topics that are unusual enough to get your professor’s attention.

  1. Censorship

No one can deny the fact that freedom of speech and any other kind of expression is necessary. But does it have a limit? Is censorship needed to protect children? Many interesting topics could come out of this subject.

  • Is censorship on TV a good or a bad idea?
  • Should children access the Internet without any parental filters?
  • Does democracy really contribute towards the reduction of censorship? Observe this issue throughout history.
  1. Computer Crime and Cyber Security

Computer crime is an excellent source of thesis topic options. Consider these:

  • Is spam email a crime or a valid marketing technique?
  • Are website cookies dangerous to our security as Internet users?
  • Should websites be allowed to track our location for marketing purposes?
  1. Daycare

Children are not fully independent, but their parents have to go to work. Is daycare the best option? Here are some questions to consider as a source for your thesis statement:

  • How should parents react to bullying in daycare?
  • Should daycare for children and the elderly be financed by the government?
  • Can daycare have harmful effects on children’s social skills?
  1. Family Violence

There are plenty of family issues to discuss in your thesis project. The relationships between family members, the level of authority that parents should have… it’s a broad subject to explore.

  • Should parents be allowed to discipline their children, however, they consider appropriate?
  • Why don’t neighbors report family violence every time they witness it?
  • Family violence rates in developed and undeveloped countries – why is there a difference?
  1. Farming

Contemporary agriculture will change the world! You’ll learn a lot by exploring these topics and writing about them. Research and form your thesis statement on one of these issues:

  • Does organic farming still have harmful effects over our environment?
  • How can organic farming be more affordable?
  • How can we protect small family farms from being overthrown by corporations?
  1. Hate Crimes

If you want passionate topics for thesis, write about a hate crime issue you care about.

  • Were the Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand inspired by racism or religion?
  • Can excessive freedom of speech be labeled as a hate crime?
  • What’s the best way for governments to deal with a hate crime?
  1. Police Work

There are many cases of police brutality you can analyze. But you can consider more general topics, too:

  • Where does police brutality come from?
  • Why do the police behave differently towards races?
  • Are the police necessary for a country to be safe?
  1. Prisons and Prisoners

Just pick any prison in your state, and you’ll find several topics to discuss. If you’re after specifics, here are a few suggestions:

  • What alternative methods of sentencing could replace prisons?
  • Should death-penalty convicts spend years in jail before being executed?
  • Can a prisoner be resocialized?
  1. Teen Issues

You’ve been there. You can think of more teen issues than you can count!

  • How can parents influence teenagers to be better persons?
  • Why are teens distracted during lectures?
  • Should teens be allowed to go to nightclubs?


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Now You’re Inspired!

You noticed that these were questions, not thesis statements, right? Well, the thing is: no one can tell you what thesis statement to write. It has to come out of your own academic research and point of view. We’re just offering the inspiration.

Take any of the questions listed above. Think about it. Brainstorm and take notes while doing that! Then, you’ll do the research. You’ll find facts and arguments, and you’ll form your own opinions. That’s enough for the development of a strong thesis statement. When you have that foundation, it will be easy for you to write the entire paper.

BIO: Robert Everett is a writer, blogger, and editor for academic papers. Through his Twitter account, Robert often shares tips and hacks on writing and other student issues. You can follow him to get the details.

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