What are the eligibility requirements to get ITIL V4 Certified?


With the upgrades in IT industry, the levels of ITIL has also been evolving. The standard has risen currently from ITIL V3 to ITIL V4, and people are experiencing a considerable number of benefits out of it. Though several organizations still work in the framework of the older versions, they are also soon planning to upgrade their levels so that they can match up with the efficiency level of the industry and the current scenario. This is making them focus on the hiring of candidates who are certified in the updated version of ITIL that is the ITIL V4. This has led to a large number of candidates to pursue the upgraded version or to improve their current ITIL certification to the latest one.

With the fast-moving world, the organizations also need to transform fast and so have to be the digital functions of the firm. But when the digital areas of the organization are transforming, there have to be experts who can manage them and understand them properly. ITIL experts are those who take care of the IT needs of the company. Candidates who are certified with ITIL V4 course help in taking the organization to a new level; and help the firm in getting stronger with the IT functions.

What is new in ITIL V4? 

ITIL V4 focuses more on the future of the organization. It helps the individuals to deal with the technology and business world and makes it work even better today when the competition is so much intense. It also helps the individual in getting the business firm work better with digital transformation, Agile, and others.

These are some of the important benefits that the ITIL 4 certification actually does have to offer.

  • It helps the candidates not just to have a perfect delivery of the service but also helps the candidates to look beyond the delivery of services. It focuses on end-to-end services so that the best can be delivered.
  • It helps the candidates in adopting as well as adapting ITIL as per their needs and requirements.
  • It helps the candidates in creating an approach that is quite soothing and holistic for the customers.
  • The certification course is designed in such a way that it offers practical examples to the individuals along with theoretical knowledge so that the best can be achieved.
  • The best thing about ITIL V4 is also that it offers the flexibility to the individuals to work with other technologies as well.
  • Similar to the ITIL certification course, ITIL V4 is also divided into 4 levels, and these are the Foundation level, Intermediate Practitioner, Expert level, and the Master level.

The Eligibility Requirements

The ITIL V4 Foundation level is the entry-level to the ITIL V4 certification course. If you wish to get an expert in the certification course of ITIL V4, you need to start from the Foundation course itself.

The Foundation course of ITIL V4 can be attended generally by anyone who wishes to have an IT career in any of the organizations. There are so many firms that specify that they need professionals who are experienced as well as highly qualified for the IT profile. The ITIL V4 Foundation level certification course is precisely for such candidates who wish to join such organizations.

When talked about the eligibility requirements of such candidates who wish to enroll for the ITIL V4 Foundation course, there are no such requirements needed for the course. Anyone with sound knowledge in IT sector can pursue this course to get the certification and go-ahead to pursue the next levels.

While ITIL V4 Foundation certification course is currently offered by many of the training centers and institutes, but the number of centers and institutes offering the next level certification courses are quite limited as of now. This can be because the ITIL V4 certification course is still new, and hence, it may take some time to get popularity. Whatever is the case, to get enrolled in the certification course of ITIL V4 Intermediate, Expert, and Master Levels, having the certification in ITIL V4 Foundation level. Apart from having the certification in ITL V4 level, having an experience in the IT field is an added advantage for the candidate. This helps the individuals to get into better opportunities in the future after the completion of the certification course.

The Future with ITIL V4

The ITIL V4 is a new update in ITIL, and there are so many candidates today who are taking a leap from the ITIL V3 to ITIL V4 to stay updated with the current market. Even many of the organizations today are implementing the practices of ITIL V4 to have better efficiency and better professionalism at the workplace. Many of the organizations hence are encouraging their employees to upgrade to ITIL V4 to offer better productivity at work. Also, some organizations have already kept the criteria of ITIL V4 certified candidates for the ones whom they wish to hire next in their team.

ITIL has been helpful to the organizations in a massive way due to its streamlines working schedule and many other benefits. This has led many of the organizations across the world to implement the practices of ITIL in the operations. Hence, they are also taking up candidates who are trained and certified in ITIL.

With the increasing competency and the upgrading of the market, the certifications have also been updated, and now the ITIL has reached out to ITIL V4. Though the level is entirely new by now, it is getting slowly accepted by the firms as well as the candidates globally. ITIL has already provided the option of updating to the next update, and hence it is quite convenient for the candidates with the ITIL V3 certification to get upgraded to the ITILV4 certification.

The certification will surely help the candidates to get into the organizations that wish to have professionals who stay updated with the recent trends. The addition of the latest certification in the resume will act as a proof that the candidates are clear in their basic knowledge, have the experience, and also are quite skilled to get updated with the latest happenings. This makes them efficient and favorite of the recruiters all the time. Due to the same language of the ITIL programs all throughout the world, applying and getting jobs in the international firms also get quite convenient for the candidates with the certification.

The individuals with the ITIL certification have the reputation to earn really well. The individuals with the updated certification are highly in demand in this case, and hence, they can expect to have a handsome salary for their position. Of course, there are chances that there will be more updates in the ITIL4 Certification, and by then, the possibilities and trends will be much more extensive. Altogether, it can be said that the future of ITIL V4 is much brighter. With such simple eligibility requirements for the course, it offers an excellent opportunity to several candidates, and hence the demand for the certification course has been inflating by each passing day.

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