The Weirdest News Clippings of 2021

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With an absolutely crazy year coming to an end, here are some of the things you might find even crazier than normal. Let’s take a look at some weird news 2021 brought us.  2022 is coming up and keeping fingers crossed that it doesn’t end up as a sequel to 2021, here is a peek at healthy brains, a Pixar movie, a crazy Russian mastermind, and a real-life Popeye.

Weird News 2021 – Bolivian Tribe With Healthier Brains than the Rest of The World

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A research carried out in June 2021 revealed that a tribe located in Trinidad, Bolivia could have the healthiest and most efficient brain of all the people on the Earth. It was also speculated following a lifestyle similar to theirs could even cure diseases like Alzheimer’s. Before that, a study in 2017 had revealed that the same tribe had considerably healthier hearts too. They reached this conclusion after conducting 746 CT scans on the members of the tribe and compared the results to adult brains from Germany and USA.

Quite unbelievingly, the brain volume was found to be almost 70 percent less than what was found in the Bolivian tribe. This was blamed on the unhealthy eating habits followed by the people in the West. In the end, it was concluded that the key factor owing to the problems of old age like forgetfulness, paranoia, and confusion can be evaded if one just follows a healthy diet during the teenage years.

Weird News 2021 – Florida Resident Living the “Up” Life

A Florida residing person was forced to live out the tragic story of the Academy Award-winning film of Pixar, Up. The person in question here is Orlando Capote, an immigrant from Cuba, whose father had bought the house in 1989 after fleeing from Cuba in the 1960s and having worked two jobs to afford it.

For Plaza Coral Gables, the upscale hotel that wants to take over his house, it is just a premise for substantially more business. But for Orlando, it is more than just a house, it stands as a walkable memory. Remarkably, he has rejected 60 offers till now, some of them worth more than a million! The most impressive part about this is his relentless endurance towards the construction going on around his house till now. 

Weird News 2021 – Russia’s Plans to Clone 3000-year-old Army

weird news 2021 russia
Image source: Popular Mechanics                                                                                          

Around two decades ago, archaeologists dug up the remains of a 3000-year-old Scythian army. The surprising part was when in April 2021, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu suggested the idea of cloning them.

This was said by Shoigu during a session of the Russian Geographical Society held virtually due to the pandemic last year. Weirdest of all, a shaman had presided over the excavation of the skeletal remains at the dig site. Although there is only a very small possibility of this plan going into action, it certainly will be a breakthrough in both science and warfare. 

Weird News 2021 – Petroleum Jelly endangering Real-Life “Popeye”

Kirill Tereshin started injecting petroleum jelly in his arm in 2016 when he was 20. Thinking that it would help him in his duties, he failed to realize they were only for cosmetics and didn’t seem to strengthen him. In fact, in September 2021, the injections seemed to threaten his life instead.

Petroleum jelly is commonly found in Vaseline and other cosmetic products and is not meant to be taken in the human body. Unfortunately for Tereshin now, his fame as the Russian “Popeye” will be short-lived as it has been found that jelly can have side effects like infection, stroke, and heart attack. On the contrary, the fusion of the jelly along with the chemicals in his body seemed to tear his tissues and weaken his muscles.

Two years ago he was told of the implications that the jelly was going to have and having undergone two surgeries till now, Tereshin is on the waitlist for his third surgery any time soon which might lead to the amputation of his arm.

This is barely a peek at the most absurd happenings of the world during the last year. Hoping for something more interesting other than a pandemic here’s to an entry into 2022 with crossed fingers. 

About the author: Manas Bhatia is a first-year student at Manipal Institue of Technology, MAHE. He is a young aspiring writer who tends to pen down his thoughts as poems every once in a while. 

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