Vegetarianism & veganism: How popular have they become?

vegetarianism vs veganism

Whether it’s for health or personal reasons, there are many motives for why people choose to follow specific diets. Over the years, many diets have been introduced to help people lose weight, detox the body based on Leptitox review, and for several other health benefits. However, more often than not, the hype around them soon dies down as they’re not as effective as what they’re made out to be.

From the 5:2 diet where you’re able to eat as you like for 5 days and then eat next to nothing for the remaining 2, to the Ketogenic consisting of low carb, high-fat daily diet; the options are endless and provide the building blocks for the health goal you’re trying to achieve. Amongst the infinite dieting options to choose from, there are two which have stood out more than the rest; these being the vegetarian and vegan salad healthy lunch

Veggie vs. Vegan: What do these diets involve?

It feels like the vegetarianism has been around for quite some time now, compared to the vegan diet, which has become more popular over recent years. Following a vegetarian diet means any meat or fish products are removed from your diet, and there are several health and ethical reasons behind people wanting to choose this diet preference.

The vegan diet has massively increased in popularity over the past few years, with people embracing the diet and lifestyle culture the preference brings. Veganism eliminates any animal products from your diet and lifestyle; whether it is the food you’re consuming or clothing you wear, like real leather, for example.

Over the past 5 years, both vegetarian and veganism have had an impact across each state within the US. With the help from OWYN and Google trends, we’re able to see the number of people searching these two terms and whether or not they’ve increased or decreased over the 5 years.

Which states are searching “vegetarianism” the most?

West Virginia is currently leading the way with an increase of 200%, closely followed by New Mexico at 160% and Kansas at 140%. Not all states have had a rise in the search for vegetarianism though, at the bottom of the list with -43% is Montana, as well as Rhode Island at -41% and Arkansas with a decrease of -28%. Although states like West Virginia still have an interest in vegetarianism, the rest of the stats may lead you to believe this diet preference isn’t as popular as it once was.

Which states are searching “veganism” the most?

Looking at the number of searched over the 5 past years, there has been more popularity around veganism compared to vegetarianism. At the top of the list for the number of searches and with an astonishing increase of 500% is Alabama. States which have also had a significant increase include South Dakota with 333%, Oregon at 329% and Wyoming with 269%. From the rise in searches for veganism compared to vegetarianism, you can tell how much attention the vegan diet is attracting.

The stats mentioned don’t show how many people living in these states follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, but it does show how much attention they’re attracting and how popular they’re becoming; especially veganism.

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