Valentine’s Day make-up checklist

Valentine‘s Day is about celebrating love, so why not start by loving yourself first. This goes for the couples as well as singles.

In celebration, start the day off with a luxuriating shower, using your favourite aromatic bath gel to lather.

Next, exfoliate your facial skin with a scrub made with natural ingredients, to reveal a rejuvenated face.

Moisturise your entire body with a softly fragrant silky lotion.

Wear your most flattering suit to work or for the housewives or the self-employed, put on a nice outfit to remind yourself of how beautiful and appealing you are. It doesn’t have to be red either, just a colour to complement and lift your spirits.

Get rid of your usual daily hair style, let your hair down, give it a nice French roll or pin it up, in an elegant but simple style.

Splash on some exotic perfume to thrill your senses and those of others

For your make-up, try to keep it natural during the day. Use a bronzer to create radiant skin and earth-toned eye shadows with liner and volumising and lengthening mascara to make eyes pop. Top it off with a gloss that adds a hint of colour to make your lips look luscious.

The key is to enhance your look naturally. For night-time, your make-up can be a bit more glamorous. Try soft smoky eyes and lightly berry-coloured lips. This look is perfect for that candlelight dinner.

Happy Valentines Day!

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