Valentine’s Day gifts: Are Simulated Diamond Rings As Good As the Real Diamond Ones?

It cannot be denied, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. After all, this precious stone, which is formed over thousands of years from compressed carbon treated by geological procedures, has quite an enchanting and fascinating quality. It is not surprising that the demand for diamonds is far greater than the amount of diamonds that is generally supplied.

Therefore, researchers have devised alternatives for the creation of gemstones that can be used instead of naturally existing diamonds and are much cheaper too. Today, the market for synthetic diamonds has opened up to a great extent, not just because they are cheaper than naturally occurring diamonds but also because a majority of them are as lovely as real diamonds. Therefore, you will find a variety of cheap simulated diamond rings, necklaces, earrings, etc.

It was back in the year 1954 when General Electric made the first lab created diamonds, which were created by compressing carbon under 400 tons of pressure. At one time, jewelers simply had to examine simulated diamonds and real diamonds to tell the difference between the two. However, distinguishing between simulated and real diamonds has become practically impossible due to the more advanced technologies of today. Thus, making diamond jewelry such as diamond rings is presumably the most important reason these synthetic gemstones are used.

Types Of Simulated Diamonds

Most people who walk into a jeweler’s shop with the intention of buying rings with simulated diamonds, but they never wonder how many kinds of simulated diamonds are available today. There are a variety of synthetic diamonds that imitate the many traits of naturally found diamonds and are used to make jewelry such as simulated diamond engagement rings. Synthetic rutile is a type of synthetic diamond made from sheer titanium oxide with a refractive index that is very high just like real diamonds. Synthetic diamonds made of synthetic rutile are available in various colors.

Cubic zirconia is another option when it comes to synthetic diamonds imitates the hardness and refractive index of real diamonds. Cubic zirconia is ideal for making simulated diamond wedding rings because their generally its structure is absolutely faultless. YAG or Yttrium Aluminum Garnet is another popular and common raw material that is used for making simulated diamonds. The only problem is that the refractive index of YAG is comparatively low, especially after being polished.Diamonds

Simulated Diamond Rings

These days, many people prefer to buy rings with simulated diamonds over real diamond rings. One major reason people opt for simulated diamonds for gold, white gold, and silver rings, is the cost factor. Also keep in mind that Also, keep in mind that the appearance of synthetically created diamonds is the same as natural diamonds. While purists argue that synthetic diamonds have something fake about them, but the truth is that even the appearance of real naturally diamonds is actually enhanced by treating them in labs.

As far as the quality and color of naturally occurring diamonds is concerned, they tend to have some imperfections here and there. However, simulated diamonds, especially Russian simulated diamonds, have absolutely no imperfections and this is why this is why they are a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings.

Synthetic diamonds barely have any faults because they are made under controlled conditions. Jewelers have also stared to experiment with different settings for rings as simulated diamonds are becoming more and more popular. In fact, some of the finest synthetic diamonds tend to surpass the beauty, charm and elegance of real diamonds. Also, the phenomenon of blood diamonds has also been significantly affected by the trade in simulated diamonds in many ways. As the demand and popularity of simulated diamonds is increasing, at the same time expensive naturally occurring diamonds are becoming less popular and are experiencing a decrease in demand.

Thus, simulated diamonds are also perfect for those who want to avoid purchasing a real diamond ring because of moral qualms. Almost every day someone or the other is getting engaged or married, or wants to give a loved one a diamond ring as a gift, but not everyone can actually afford to buy a ring with real diamonds. Nonetheless, if you want to buy diamond jewelry from an online store that specializes in carrying a large variety, then visit Classic Diamond House.

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