UTSAV 2015 Day 3: A Day of Awe-inspiring Performances

KMC,Mangalore students pose after their Western Group Dance performance.

What comes to mind when you think of The Manipal Summer? The sweltering heat, the humidity, sweaty months and looking for excuses to be in air-conditioned rooms, whether they be a hotel lobbies or the corner ATM, right?

Well add another word to the description, “Inspiring”.

UTSAV 2015 Day 3 commenced with photographers dashing off to find inspiration in the blistering heat of Manipal’s summer; the topic for the Spot Photography competition held at TMA Pai Hall.

Next was Installation, with participants trying to make the best out of waste.

Meanwhile at Counselling Hall, EDU Building, English and Hindi Poetry writing took place, Mimicry followed shortly after.

The afternoon saw the beginning of the much awaited Antakshari Finals at KMC, Greens. 29 teams competed at the prelims, of which only 6 teams made it to the Finals. The results for Antakshari were:

1st place: KMC, Manipal

2nd place: MCODS, Mangalore

3rd place: MCODS, Manipal

The crowd watches captivated by the extraordinary performances
The Crowd Watches Captivated By The Extraordinary Performances

In the evening, Western Vocal Solo, Western Vocal Group, Prize Distribution, Western Dance Solo and Western Dance Group followed.

Students from kmc,manipal pose after their western vocal group performance
Students From Kmc,Manipal Pose After Their Western Vocal Group Performance

Participants put up entrancing performances which the audience appreciated with thunderous applause.

Kmc,mangalore students pose after their western group dance performance.
Kmc,Mangalore Students Pose After Their Western Group Dance Performance.

Each contestant set the bar higher and higher for their successor.  Invigorating vocals, foot tapping dance numbers, lively group performances and breathtaking stunts had the audience at the edge of their seats.

In the meantime we set out to investigate the crowd’s views on UTSAV.

A soahs,manipal student talks to us about his favorite  moments at utsav
A Soahs,Manipal Student Talks To Us About His Favorite Moments At Utsav

A second year SOAHS, Manipal student counted Painting and Group Dance to be amongst his favorite events. Participants of Western Group Dance from KMC, Mangalore when asked about their favorite moment quoted their final performance on stage.

Students from kmc,mangalore have fun with their costumes after their performance
Students From Kmc,Mangalore Have Fun With Their Costumes After Their Performance

The part that an MCODS, Manipal student enjoyed the most was meeting new people and making new friends. Few of the photographers expressed their view that more freedom for photography from different colleges would be appreciated in the future events of UTSAV. Most memorable events include the Cultural Parade and the vocal performance of MMMC Students.

The night ended with extraordinary performances in the Western Group Dance which included dazzling glow in dark costumes, perfectly synchronized formations and mind-boggling stunts.

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