The Undreamed World

Humans, walked past him
He couldn’t look into their strange eyes
His mind, perturbed by the world
Reality, or a facade of lies?

He then ran away
Went and hid in the midsummer day.
She comes out, hearing his voice.
His eyes, meet hers, and they rejoice.

He shows her a world
Separate from convention.
Where a puddle is the deepest lake
Within which a blue-eyed giant stays awake.
The rays of the sun, have their own
constellations, stars which  thus shone.

The night wind speaks to him
The unspoken language of love
His heart, it gets hold of.
She just lies there, beside him
With marvel and awe, without a whim
His world lights up brighter
than the fireflies which flutter
around the two hands clasped together.

The outside, reality, called him mad
But for her, he was the wonder she had
opening her eyes to see,
The planet, its hidden mystery
Which only opened up to his heart
Took him, he took his love
On his imaginary magic cart
To the idyllic world, undreamed of.

Poem by: kasturi Chakraborti

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