Unattainable Dreams….. But Unbreakable Resolves

I walk on,leaving behind

All my memories.

I move on,on this

Path I have chosen.

I do not know where it leads

But I’m sure,

It will take me

A little closer to my dream.

It’s a difficult path I have chosen

Thorns and pebbles strewn all over

But this is the only path I know.


My feet bleed,

My soles get lacerated,

My will dwindles.

But I walk on

With the hope of moving forward

Of going nearer to my dream.

My mind is numbed

I cannot feel anything

My eyes blur

I cannot see,

Except what I see in my mind’s eye

The hopes, the dream I cherished.

Even though reality presses down on me,

Cruel forces wrack my body,

I still walk on.

With the hope of moving forward,

Of going nearer to my dream…..



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