Transition – A Poem by Skanda N

Innocence Lost

I saw you on a winter’s evening
Standing on a edge of a cliff
Cheeks painted rose red shining
your eyes glistening with tears
As it trickles down your cheeks
What did you see over the ledge
Was it a never ending desolate vistas
Is that the reason you were crying
Or is it the inevitable future
that  lay before you now
When did I become cruel enough
to not see your sorrow
When did I become so stone cold
that I pushed you off the cliff
As you plummeted to the bottom
A childlike innocence vanished
A darkness took over
We all call it something different
Maturity, growing up…

Skanda NAbout the Poet: Skanda N is a second year PharmD student at the Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal University. He hails from Bangalore and can be contacted via his Instagram handle @skandy_crush.

Featured image:Heng Films

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