Top 5 kitchen gadgets you need this summer to have fun cooking

Cooking is fun, at least for some of us. However, doing the dishes is not fun, as well as eating charcoal-turned bread each day. And this is why smart and really creative people came up with these amazing kitchen gadgets which will make you look like a perfect chef and put a smile on your face. Kitchen Gadgets

The Eco Dish-Drainer

If you want to be eco all the time and put in some fun in the not-so-pleasant activity of doing the dishes, pick an eco dish drainer. This is a regular drainer which happens to nest two plants in the diagonal corners. The plants live in a special type of sand which acts like a sponge, gathering all the water drained from the dishes. Grow your plants and enjoy doing the dishes!

On the Go Cereal Cup

Tired of skipping your cereal breakfast? No more! With this creative two in one cereal cup you will be able to enjoy your healthy breakfast anywhere! The top cup is a regular container, which can preserve your cereals fresh and crunchy. The lower section has specially designed walls which contain a refrigerating liquid, which can preserve the temperature of whatever you place in the cup. So hot milk will stay hot over the day.

Deluxe Oil Mixer

When you are on a diet and you struggle to keep your oil intake low, you turn to an oil spray. But if you want to enjoy all the benefits of a spray and an oil infuser, pick the special oil mister which has a glass lower section where you can infuse the oil with any spice you want and an upper section which allows you to spray it over your salads, clean and easy.

Split second tong

A kitchen tong is always useful, but sometimes you just have to improvise. This rubber cap helps you improvise in a smart way: just pick two fitting cutlery and join them with the cap to create a tong in a second. You can pick any sort of cutlery to create useful gripping tool, so put your creativity to work and create a double knife tong for your grill, two chopsticks for a special tong or the regular spoon-fork pair for salads.

The Hot Knife

Because everyone is in a hurry in the morning, spreading the butter on the bread is sometimes a sort of impossible mission. Until now, because this knife is going to make your life a lot easier. The hot knife conducts your body heat to the blade and cuts the butter by melting it at the same time. And this means your bread is going to look and taste better from now on.

After reading this you might think some people really have too much imagination, but if you think again, you will understand that smart kitchen gadgets and tools are meant to make your life easier and you totally deserve it, so don’t be afraid to grab these items!


About the Author: Julia Jones is an avid food enthusiast who loves everything about cooking and especially using modern tech in cooking. She occasionally shares her opinion about the latest and craziest kitchen gadgets on the Kitchen Gadgets Wars blog.

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