Top 10 Life-Affirming Films About Love

There are movies that kill time. There are movies that give us visual pleasure from special effects. There are movies that scare us. But when your day can be called really bad, we are looking for something else. Something that will make us smile again and accept life as it is. At such moments we are looking for the movie, which inspires us. It’s like oxygen. After viewing such a film you want to live to the fullest, love and be better. We made a list of 10 films that give strength and inspiration. You can find more tips at Look and be enlightened.

Peaceful Warrior

This film about a guy who gives hope in gymnastics is based on the history of a real person, but at the same time, it is rather like a parable. Philosophical, but not moralizing dialogues and beautiful visuals once and for all kill us in our inner moaner and make us appreciate the moment of “here and now.” This is a film about the love that a person gets through the Will.

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Despite the fact that this film can be called an immortal classics, you still have a chance to surprise with it a friend who fell into depression. And perhaps it will be a terrific discovery for you. The story of two deathly ill friends who go to all serious, if you read only the description of the film, may seem completely life-asserting. But the quality of the shooting and the acting are so amazing that after watching you start to appreciate every moment of life. And you will want to go to the sea. After all, in heaven, they only speak about the sea.

Inside I’m Dancing

The heroes of this film are people in wheelchairs. But they have more optimism than many healthy people. Cramped with cerebral palsy, guys do not lose heart and try to live in this world fully: rejoice, do stupid things, protect the weak, dance and joke. And of course to love.

Untouchables (1 + 1)

It’s not just a life-affirming movie. It is the hymn of humanity and love for one’s neighbor. This is an incredibly elegant and honest parable about the good that breaks into our lives when it seems to us that the world around us is collapsing before our eyes. A mixture of drama and comedy in perfect proportions gave the world a film that can be called almost ideal.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Stop dreaming. Start to live. Here is a brief synopsis of this brilliant film. Ben Stiller, whose acting allows you to feel the teenage enthusiasm and energy again, calls us not to be like everyone else. Act. Believe. Love.

Pay It Forward

The boy Trevor came up with his own theory of changing the world, the essence of which is very simple: I will help you, and you will help three other people. It’s easy to guess that the theory will crack with a crash about the rocks of the cruelty of the world and we will almost lose faith in humanity … But if the stars are lit, it means that someone needs it. Where there is a sincere desire to make the world better, love always lives. And no worldly misfortunes will not prevail against it.

August Rush

This beautiful, idealized story with elements of a fairy tale fascinates even the most desperate skeptics and bores. In order to really like and feel it, you need to turn off the inner critic, close your eyes to some unrealistic plot and learn to hear. Because the main role in this film is music. And music is life.

Yea Man

The average manager, performed by Jim Carrey is in a state of deep depression. And, to somehow cope with it, he decides to always say “yes” and agree to any suggestions. So his life instantly turns into a crazy adventure, that would be useful to all of us.

Red Dog

Can the beauty of the human soul shine brighter than at the moment when we show sincere love for our lesser brethren? Perhaps you have one hundred answers to this question. But if you have not seen a movie about a red dog, your answers are worthless. This is the story of a real dog, who lived in the Australian city of Dampier. A tireless dog helped for many settlers to find friends , happiness, hope, and joy.

Into the Wild

Landscapes of incredible beauty, unbridled freedom, and absolute renunciation. A film that makes it possible to move away from empty problems and unnecessary rules of society at least for a while, to feel unity with nature and simply to drop everything useless. All this is possible thanks to the steep directorial work of Sean Penn and the amazing acting.

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