Top 10 Horror Movies

  1. The Exorcist – This movie has been called the scariest movie of all time by many horror fans.  It’s about a little girl who has become posessed by demons and the priest who is trying to rid her of them.  Starring Linda Blair and Max von Sydow.
  1. Carrie – This movie doesn’t get scary until the end of it but it’s an excellent film anyway.  Carrie is a girl with special powers, the outcast of her school.  A mean trick is played on her and she gets her revenge.  Starring Sissy Spacek.
  1. The Ring – A fairly recent movie, this suspenseful film is sure to keep your attention.  A young journalist races against time investigating a video tape which causes death after viewing.  Starring Naomi Watts and Martin Henderson.
  1. Silence of the Lambs – An woman trying to get into the FBI uses the aid of a cannibalistic serial killer to find a kidnapper/murderer.  This movie is more of a thriller but there is definitely a lot of gore.  Starring Anthony Hopkins and Jodi Foster.
  1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre – The original version of this movie is definitely the best.  It takes place in the backwoods area of Texas when a group of people have their car break down.  Starring Gunnar Hanson and Marilyn Burns.
  1. House on Haunted Hill – The insane asylum element of this story is really what makes it scary.  Vincent Price offers $100,000 to the person who can spend the night in the asylum.  There are two versions but the 1999 is the better of the two.  Starring Elisha Cook Jr., Richard Long.
  1. Night of the Living Dead – The 1968 version is the creepiest.  The plot deals with zombies who kill people.  The only way they can be stopped is with fire.  Starring Duane Jones, Judith O’Dea.
  1. The Birds – This Alfred Hitchcock movie is quite disturbing.  There are birds everywhere and these birds attack people.  The focus is on one family’s struggle to keep these birds away.  Starring Tippi Hedren, Rod Taylor.
  1. The Shining – Thrills and chills run deep when watching this horror movie.  A few different versions have been made but the 1980 version with Jack Nicholson will blow you away.  There’s a haunted hotel and a possessed child.  Starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall.
  1. Poltergeist – Steven Speilberg produced this fantastic film.  It’s about a family dealing with supernatural powers in their own house.  Do not watch this movie when you’re home alone.  Starring  JoBeth Willams, Heather O’Rourke.

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