Time management – how to find time to study, go out and keep your home clean

When you are in college you might find some ordinary tasks like the cleaning, for instance, very challenging not because of the work you have to do but because of the lack of time. When you also add the assignments which you will receive and the studying, you can become stressed-out and exhausted. If you want to avoid that, you need to start organising your days in a way which will allow you to pay enough attention to all aspects of your life, including the fun ones.

The stress seems like a natural part of the lives of the contemporary college students but this can be easily changed with a little time managing. With the techniques which we will point out for you in this article, you will see that it is possible to have enough time to study, to go out with your friends and even to clean your home. The cleaning and regular maintaining of your dorm room should be also one of the things you have to include in your schedule and the more often you perform it, the better. The regular cleaning is important not just for the good looks of the premise but also for your health, so don’t underestimate the significance of this task. When you are done reading this article, you will already know how to fit into your busy schedule not only the cleaning but also the studying and your personal life.

  • Start planning –You will discover that with a little planning everything can be done on time. The same way you make a schedule before your exams, you can try and make one for your days as well. It is not necessary to divide your time to the last second, it is enough just to designate different parts of the day for certain activities. For instance, you can leave the studying and the classes for the morning, the cleaning and the assignments for the afternoon and the relaxing for the evening. Plan your time in a way which is most satisfying for you, then write your schedule down and make sure you stick to it.
  • Determine what’s a priority – When you have a million things on your mind it is easy to lose focus. Instead of panicking and wondering whether to start with the cleaning or with your latest assignments, you can simply try to determine which one is a priority at the moment and focus your energy on that. When you are making your list with tasks for the day, make sure you put them in the correct order, starting with the most urgent one.
  • Stay focused – Nowadays it is very easy to get distracted, especially with all the modern technologies, Internet and, of course, the social networking websites. As tempting they are you must try and stay away from things like that, otherwise you might not be able to stick to your daily schedule. Just think how much more you will enjoy chatting with your friends, once you are done with all the obligatory jobs and you are not worried any more.

The successful time managing is not a hard task, as long as you are ready to commit to it. With a little more organisation and efforts you will see that you don’t have to stress-out, in order to get everything done on time. If you decide to make a plan and really stick to it, after only a couple of days you will feel better and more relaxed, too. You might even find more free time for yourself through which you can go out with your friends or do the things that you like.

Author Bio: Pheeby Snow is a college student but works part time for PerfectCleaning. She knows best how to manage her time between studying, friends and job.


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