Thou shall repent – Manisha Singh

Unsettled - A Novella
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I opened the door, she came running by and hugged me like it was the first and the last time. I couldn’t stop smiling at those sparkling heavenly eyes, that God-like face. She wanted to say something but didn’t. I asked the reason of her hesitation. She moved aside, had tears in her eyes. There was a complete blank look on my face, she turned back. I held her hands, leaned at her. There was a pause and the time stopped. In that dark, beautiful night, there was that weird silence.

The touch of those rosy lips on my cheeks, felt like a feather floating in the breeze. I managed to make her stop crying, but the reason of it was still a mystery. It made me curious and anxious, I asked her repeatedly but no reply came. Now I felt choked in her undefined silence. The beauty of hers was not true enough to make me forget her stupid behavior.

‘Speak my love. What’s the matter with you? Why’re you crying?’ shouted my heart. She behaved deaf like a snake and dumb like an ass. The overflowing love within me transformed into an uncontrollable anger and rage. Her dead-air behavior made me reluctant to snatch her and throw her off the chair. She resisted, she cried, she pleaded, I paid no attention. The core of my heart cursed me for doing so.

I didn’t listen to it, didn’t listen to her painful paralyzed sob. There were thunder-storm, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes; with her mourning. ‘Thou shall repent for this crude behavior. The universe will see the consequences that have already started.’

The lady in green roared.

That was a love-hate story of man and our mother nature that shall continue till eternity.

About the Author: Manisha Singh hails from Ranchi. This is a flash fiction article submitted for the Paranormal Romance Contest.

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