Things to Consider When Hosting a Fancy Dinner Party

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Whether it’s a graduation, a bachelor party or a birthday you’re celebrating, fancy parties are adored by all. High heels, fabulous dresses and tuxedos are waiting in the corner of each of our wardrobes, just begging for a chance to be worn for a fashionable occasion. When hosting a really glamorous dinner party, you need to make sure that your guests get the experience they’re hoping for. So, open your planner and prepare a list of the fancy dinner party must-haves in order to throw a night for everyone to remember.

Conflict-proof the guest list

It’s never easy to throw a party for people that have known each other for many years, because most often conflicts are inevitable. Some arguments may date from many years ago, and the flames of fury might not have come down yet. This is why it’s extremely important for you to make a list of guests and proofread it in search of potential conflicts. You don’t want your dinner party getting ruined by unnecessary arguments, especially not those that have nothing to do with you. As a matter of precaution, it might be wise of you to reconsider inviting that one person that’s always at your parties, but whom no other guest can stand. Even if this person is the most important to you, keep in mind that by inviting them to the party you won’t be doing anyone a favor.

Make each invitation as personal as can be

Chances are that you’ll be inviting less than 30 guests to your party, so it won’t be much of a trouble to take some time out of your day and make personalized invitations. This is a great way of showing all of your guests that you really care for them, and that you have insight into their preferences and interests. Which comic book fan wouldn’t love a Stan Lee themed party invitation? If you’re not sure you know enough about some people to make their invitations really personal, you can go with creating an invitation made from the pictures in which you are together. Think of these invitations as birthday gifts – the more you nail them, the better are the chances that you’ll get invited in return.  Dinner Table Arrangement

Don’t underestimate the power of fine china

When it comes to dinnerware, millennials tend not to care for the fine china, as well as inheriting their parents’ chinaware. Although nowadays the world is more casual and less interested in fancy plates and cups, a dinner party is the perfect occasion to show off your carefully nourished sets that have been passed on through generations in your family. Even though the younger guests might be unfamiliar with its quality at first glance, they will surely be in awe when you explain how that tea set ended up at your home. If you don’t have a fine china set at your home, make sure to check out some of the beautiful Wedgwood dinnerware inspired by the baroque style of Victorian England. Among a wide range of patterns to choose from, you can find perfect pieces that suit both ultramodern and traditional tastes.

Be the best host you can be

Remember that the party is only as good as its host, so make sure to provide your guests with an enjoyable experience. Don’t impose your music taste upon them, but rather play different genres throughout the evening so that everyone can find some tunes to dance to. Keep your control freakiness to the minimum by removing all the potentially breakable and stainable items to the cellar, or a room that you can mark “out of order”. Bear in mind that your guests might also need to lay their jackets or coats somewhere, so make sure you prepare for this, as well. Removing all rugs and carpets is also a way to prevent potential damage, while keeping a mop nearby in case of an accident would be very wise of you. Furthermore, it’s the social part of your hosting that matters most, so make sure to spend time talking to all of your guests. If you’re all seated around the table, introduce topics that everyone can relate to and avoid those to which only a single person can contribute.

Keep in mind that details also count, so every little napkin and cherry-on-top will only give the guests a better impression of your party and grant you the title of the best party host.

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