The Wrath Of Nature – A Poem by Adyasha Ranbir


Lightning lanced with a mighty furoreThe wrath of nature - a poem by adyasha ranbir 1
the deafening sound but a moment later.

The sky burst open in a thousand arrows
that fell on soil and made deep furrows.

Trees bowed with meek subservience
Outlined starkly in the fleeting ambience.

Nature continued to ravage and plunder
keeping in tune with the maniacal thunder.

She has a way of taming the mighty
and showing the wrath of God almighty.

Each time we think we won over her
She comes in glory and leaves a reminder.

The sooner we know, better off are we
kind , forgiving but vindictive is she.

So bow ye mortals, respect her power
Do so and then,gifts will she shower.

But for now is she fierce, the dance of fury
So watch the scenes closely,be contrite and sorry.

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