The Ultimate Guide on How to Talk to Women

Wise men have said that talking is for the birds, the more you talk the less you know what you’re talking about. But if you must talk to women…

Un-learn what is Learned:

Remember the elementary school teacher who scolded the loudest kid in class for talking too much? Well, little did we know that he turned out to be a very successful macker, a 1st class charmer who can mesmerize his way up a woman’s skirt by words alone! The power of the spoken word if used correctly can replace many inherent flaws in a man’s personality. It is amazing how a woman can fall in love or forgive if she is spoken to properly. Since we can command words and “make reality” through them, we can tell the most astounding stories of our life and blow them completely out of proportion for dramatic effect, with a touch of charm and humor of course.

Here’s a scenario. And I assume that you are proficient with the basics, so let me just cut to the chase. You’re at a party, a club, you feel that you’ve ample confidence so much so that it oozes out every orifice on your body. You scan the vicinity and catches a potential target. Eye contact established, all is good, she gives you the go-ahead. You bust your classic moves and swing right next to her. You start a conversation with a positive first response. A minute into the conversation, oh shit! You stumbled upon yourself for an instance, “what do I say next?” Your mind just collapsed and went numb and crapped out on you like a warm can of flat beer on a hot summer’s night. This is a crucial moment, and you know it too. You wonder why you’re not feeling the buzz from the alcohol anymore. Your actions suddenly become very unnatural, awkward, cat’s got your tongue, you get tense and all the while the girl’s radar is PICKING everything up. She looks at you really strangely, fakes a smile just to be polite, and walks away. Has this ever happened to you?

Doomed from the Get-Go:

Lots of guys spend fortunes dolling up, buying flashy cars, sniffing through GQ to get the latest fashion tips and try to imitate them, etc, etc, so they can feel confident going into a club. Then the moment they set foot into that club with their 5 star get-up their fate is once again immediately reduced to that of a beggar on the street, a leaf in the wind. How pathetic is that? The fact is that they are doomed from the beginning because their focus has been set on the wrong angle. What good would a thousand dollar suit do if one can’t talk properly to a woman to get her aroused?

The Key:

The most essential component to talking successfully with a woman is “self indulgence”. Talk without listening to what you’re saying. Talk without listening to what she’s saying. Talk for the sake of exercising your mouth, just like our little elementary school friend who won’t stop jibba-jabbing, but he was extremely popular. Once you stop to re-evaluate what you’ve just said to the girl, forget it. That split second of mental reflection is what stops the mind. In fact, don’t even think. Many men claim that they act smoother around women after a few drinks. Of course, it retards the thinking process, and what’s left is pure action. Experienced women often advise men to not think and just act. Now we know why. Provided that you’re a sane individual, talking without thinking won’t yield any harm. How often do we hear the term ”stop to think.” That’s what happens, if you want to think you just have to stop. Applying that to a situation when meeting a woman, you begin to think you lose the momentum. Game’s over.

You may like to add smothering charm to your repertoire like a James Bond. Or you might just want to bust out the Billy Bob Thornton style, that’s up to you. Ultimately, your personality will dictate which way of talking you will use.

In the final analysis, dear friends, it is not WHAT you say that impresses a woman, it is THE FEELING behind what you say that ignites her on fire; the feeling of your emotional experience that you’re relating to her vacuums her buttocks to the seat with her eyes hanging on to your every word. Hell, you can talk about your grandma’s liposuction operation if you want, but if you can deliver the dramatic performance in your words, she’ll fall in love with you without even knowing why. What women absorb is not what you’re actually saying, but the emotional energy generated through what you’re saying. The reality is that women usually don’t give a good pit bull’s ass what you’re rambling on about. If they actually listened to men, I LOVE LUCY wouldn’t be such a big hit. And why do you think girls love movie stars? I know a barn full of guys who are better looking than Ben Affleck or Brat Pitt, so it’s not really the looks. The fact of the matter is that a good performer COMMANDS the emotional experience of his audience.

The majority of men put emphasis on what they are saying, how fantastic their job is, how exciting their trip to the Caribbean was, blah blah blah. Understanding the psychology of women, we must realize that they are emotional beings. They are attracted to emotional impulses. Use this knowledge to your advantage my friends. You may say that because of man’s quest for logic and systemization of reason, he lost his ability to express feeling. Men’s feelings are volcanic, they come out in bursts or explosions, because most of the time they are pent up inside, unlike women whose feelings are released gradually with a more natural flow. That’s why we appear to be the “aggressive” type. Only real feeling can build a kind of momentum in a conversation, an emotional weight that women long to be crushed by.

Making the Impact:

Put real feeling and passion into what you’re saying, and just say whatever the heck spills out. Screw those dudes next to you cracking jokes about you. They’re losers. Be yourself completely. The magic of this technique is that at a certain point your natural conversational skills take over and you’ll be astonished at how smoothly you come across with surgical precision aimed directly at the girl’s heart. What conversational skills you might ask? Well, any man who can talk to himself and understands what he is saying HAS natural conversational skills. Make a show for the girl you’re hitting on. This approach dissolves the entire room because you just got all her attention. She might laugh and think you’re weird, but she will not forget you. Chances are she will want to get to know you. And even more likely is that she will find you attractively outrageous and courageous unlike all the other wallflowers holding beers in their hands trying to look cool and nonchalant making the whole club look like a bouncers’ reunion. Use personal discretion, you don’t need to act extraordinarily outlandish to make your mark. This can be a subtle affair, you don’t need to say a lot, however, you should FEEL a lot when you say something.

The Critical Differentiation:

Most men just shoot the breeze. You have to put the “walk the walk” into the “talk the talk.” People will tell you that you need to be a good listener in order to be a good talker…dung from a bull. To be a good talker all you need to be is a good talker! We must de-construct all the crap we’ve been conditioned to learn. Only one thing determines a good talk from a regular talker. One has emotions in his words that electrify the listener, the other just talks nonsense with a deadpan expression on his face. The amazing truth is, you don’t even need to make sense as long as you can pack the yoda force in your speech.

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