The Top 10 Careers for the Future – US and UK

Job security can sometimes seem as though it belongs to the past, but if you’re sensible enough to choose the right profession you’ll not only be in demand, but in many cases will be able to enjoy a higher than average salary. So if you’re considering a career change, or wondering what to study, you’d be wise to look at 10 professions comparison infographic. It looks at some of the professions that will be in demand in the near future.


It’s perhaps no surprise that in today’s high-tech world, the IT field is included on the list of desirable professions. As we become increasingly reliant on technology, there are also greater security risks, meaning that information security analysts will always be in demand. Systems analysts are also needed to ensure that computer systems run smoothly. So train in either of these professions and you’ll enjoy a healthy salary, especially if you work in the security side.


Many aspects of the medical field will also be in demand. You could be a nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, or if you’re more interested in psychology, an industrial psychologist, helping to alleviate stress in the workplace. And as medicine continues to advance, there will also be a need for biomedical engineers to help develop procedures, and medical equipment repairers to fix machines used to diagnose and treat patients.

Top 10 Jobs

The infographic compares salaries for each profession in the US and UK – perhaps surprisingly, wages in the UK can be higher for some professions than in the US – and also lists some of the attributes needed. If you’re very analytical, you could do well in IT, but if you prefer contact with people then a job in medicine or translating could suit you better. There’s a brief summary of what each job entails and the average salary based on data from government sources.

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