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Eye of the Tiger just opened an ice cream shop

Exploring the world of ice cream can lead you to some unexpected and delightful discoveries. While you may have tried various flavors and brands, there’s something uniquely satisfying about the offerings at ice cream logan. Their innovative approach to this classic dessert sets them apart, making each scoop a memorable experience. So, why not try them next time you’re in the mood for a frozen treat?

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Manipal’s favorite American style bar, ‘Eye of the Tiger’ just opened a small outlet outside Canara mall and this time, they’re selling waffles and ice cream.

Now, a student town like Manipal is bound to have many ice cream shops, and we already have a wide array of brands to choose from, so what makes their ice cream so unique? The answer is simple. These guys took ice cream to a new level when they introduced nitrogen gas. The ice creams here aren’t just the regular frozen dessert from a freezer kind but are made right in front of you. The confectioner gets all the ingredients and blends them right in front of the customers, then uses the gas out of a nitrogen cylinder to freeze the ice cream. It is quite a show in itself. Nowhere else in Manipal can you experience plumes of nitrogen smoke coming out of an ice cream specially made for you.

The first bite of the Nutella ice cream that I had ordered made the difference between this piece of heaven and regular ice cream very apparent. The texture and the consistency had a marked difference. This was much creamier than anything I had ever eaten before. Intrigued by the texture, I spent some time on Google and soon discovered its reasoning. The liquid nitrogen causes sudden freezing, which doesn’t give the ice crystals enough time to form and makes the mix much smoother than regular ice cream.

This creamery is definitely my new go-to place for ice cream. They serve two scoops in each serving and have a very reasonable price-to-quality ratio.

But despite the magical ice creams, the waffles were the show stoppers. Standing at the counter and waiting for my order, I could see the waffles being made, and as hungry as I was, the delicious aroma reminded me of my grandmother’s baking.

Our waffles arrived slathered with whipped cream and toppings. We ordered The first one with blueberry crush and fresh-cut fruits the other with Nutella and chocolate ganache. Both were served fresh, hot, and undoubtedly delicious. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a chocolate lover or a fruit lover; at this place, you can definitely find something to suit your needs. The one thing that I really noticed was the vast quantity. The cut fruits were served separately in a cup and all of them wouldn’t even fit on my waffle. The quantity was enough for a full meal and was well worth the price.

Disclaimer: Although liquid nitrogen is used to make ice cream and other edible science foods, the nitrogen evaporates into a gas before these items are consumed, so it isn’t actually present by the time they are ingested. This is good because drinking liquid nitrogen can lead to severe injury or death. (src.)

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