The Telemetry Monitor, Unsung Hero Of Telemetry

Telemetry is great because it allows for the collection of important data from a distance. However, have you ever wondered who collects the data? There are people in many different industries that do the job. A telemetry monitor is that person. These people are responsible for a lot of things that go on behind the scenes in telemetry.

Typically the telemetry monitor is responsible for observing the equipment that receives data and measurements. The person acts as an assistant to whomever is collecting the measurements and data. The job requires a lot of keen observation and note taking skills in many instances. Though there are telemetry monitors in a number of fields and the title is the same, the skill sets and what is done exactly by the telemetry monitor varies quite a lot.

For instance, a telemetry monitor working in a hospital may be an assistant to the nursing staff. He or she would observe the telemetry monitoring system they have in place. As information comes in the monitor would then take note of and notify the nursing staff of changes in a patient’s condition or rhythms. In nursing environments the monitor often has other responsibilities as well such as reception or scheduling. The telemetry information is often cardiac so it does require a quick reaction and detailed observation. Cardiologists often use telemetry to track the condition of their patients and the progress their hear it making.

Telemetry is valuable, but it would not work if not for those doing the little things. A good telemetry monitor is responsible for making sure all the work done to bring that data in does not go to waste. They show attention to detail, and depending on the field, the ability to make decisions about data quickly, and relay that information to those who need to know. This frees up doctors, engineers, and others whose time might be better spent processing data rather than watching machines.

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