The Sea and the Tree


Last Saturday I had a dream,

I was sailing in a sea, somewhere in the middle of Me,

A very tall, a very old, I saw in the sea….a Tree

A tree full of fruits which nobody ate

Niche to the birds which never came!

Blowing through its dark green leaves the pleasant breeze of the sea

Only asking one question…is this really a tree?

For a tree needs land and a loving hand

To prosper, to flower and to grow

Where in the sea will one find love?

Where there is no man and none will ever come!

Still it stood tall and high

Laughing at the waves passing by.

The tree laughed not to amusementBaltic_sea_1080

But to mock at the waves, which can never stay still.

The question was still the same,

Is it really a tree? Or is it something which came to life

Which is deep within Me?

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