The Other Side – A Short Story

“Everyone hurry! You don’t want to miss the flight, now do ya?!”, said Scarlet Smith.

The entire family was heading to Pennsylvania from Kentucky. The kids, Lorraine Smith, 17 and Sam Smith of the age of 6 had lots of difficulties in Westward High. The other children used to call them weird, strange, abnormal, aberrant etc. They invested a lot of money on their mansion which was previously owned by Jimmy Jones, a middle-aged man who was mentally and physically abused. He tortured and killed anyone who came around his land.

After being abused, he assumed that everyone was the same and that he had to take a stand in his life against everyone. He considered them as foes or antagonists.

The Smith’s were broad-minded people who belonged to the 21st century. They didn’t believe what the neighbor’s proclaimed. All they said was “Calm down, everything will be fine…”. Once they moved in, they started unloading their goods and then unpacking them. They were having fun and there was lots of exuberance in the house which made all of them think that they were going to have perfect normal lives.

Well, as the saying goes, ‘Expectation leads to unhappiness’. The family’s first night was pretty good as they didn’t face any mishaps or problems. The kids hopped onto their school bus and left for school. Derek Smith, their father,  was a salesman in Abercrombie and Fitch. He was helping Scarlet around the house for the first day as she didn’t want to do stuff in the house alone. They grabbed a brunch on the first day.

When they came out of their house, they got some sort of odour.

When the kids came back from school, their parents were pretty amused to see that just on the first day, they brought in a couple of friends. They were so glad to see their children socializing and mingling after a long time,  but most importantly happy.  Sam’s friends got a DVD to watch for the night which comprised of clowns. They wanted to have a night filled with laughter and peace. When they started watching the movie, there were many scenes which made all of them laugh.

There was a clown on top of the fan laughing, a clown sleeping on a bed playing with a child’s hair and many more, but each scene later, Sam’s joy kept decreasing. They all asked him as to why he wasn’t all that happy anymore. He said, ”All the occurrences that you just saw, took place in my room”. Everyone started freaking out. Sam descended the stairs frantically. He tried explaining and showing the video to his parents. His parents thought that he was just playing around as he was a kid.

That night, everyone got terrible nightmares of being tortured and murdered. Early morning, no one felt like talking as it was too severe. Lorraine broke the ice and said that she’d been feeling weird since day 1. They all started sharing their experiences and then thought of calling the priest. The priest said that since the house hasn’t been registered, they’d have to get on with that first and then get evidence. Scarlet showed the wounds on her hand and said that it appeared only after they moved in. They registered their house and tried everything to get to their priest.

The priest said that he’d check on the house the next day. That night, there was lots of banging and other loud noises on the doors and outside the house respectively, and the electricity just went off. They witnessed Sam scribbling something on a piece of paper. When they took what he’d scribbled to the priest, the priest said out of shock, “Has he been learning Polish? This is all about the various crimes and murders that’s happened in #12 Yorkshire St., Pennsylvania.”

The parents looked at each other with fright and told the priest that, the location that he had mentioned was the place that they were currently staying in. They also told him that Sam was only fluent in English. The priest asked them about the people who had lived there before the Smith’s. They said that it was a man by the name of Jimmy Jones. The priest told them not to worry and to be back to the chapel the next day.

The priest did a lot of research and found out that Jimmy Jones was Polish. He found out a lot about his past. He quickly contacted the Smith’s and said, “Jimmy Jones was polish! He’s latched onto your son and we have to do something as soon as possible to get him out.”

The priest went to their house and took out all his equipment to communicate with the spirit. The spirit seemed very angry and frustrated as he started bringing out blood clots onto the wife’s hands and legs which most likely look like the imprints of his teeth. Jones started throwing around Lorraine and Derek from one corner of the house to the other. Scarlet was already badly injured and in pain.

Suddenly Lorraine felt like she was paralyzed and as if someone was strangling her. She was choking and was almost going to die, until the priest took his cross out and faced it towards the spirit assuming that he’ld be there. In a swift manner he performs his exorcism and  says, “In the name of Jesus Christ, the saints and all the angles, I command you to reveal yourself!, Ah omni visibili et invisibili et ubique in hoc saeculo liberetur…Omnes fantasma, omnis legio, in nomine Domini nostri lesu…In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit, Jimmy Jones, by the power of god, I condemn you back to hell and you may never return!”

Suddenly Sam starts shivering and spits out bad blood, and all of them start healing instantly. The priest landed up in a coma after performing the exorcism as it was too powerful but managed to survive. Few days from then, everything in the house went on smoothly.

One beautiful day, when Sam was in school, he was caught writing something in a hurry. The teacher asked him what he was writing about; he gave her a death stare and ran away crying. The teacher took the paper, showed it to the priest, and requested him to translate it.

He was left in mental agony after reading it. He read out aloud, “You think I’m going to give up so easily? Wait and watch, ill be back”.

Sam walked up to him and said, “The other side does exist. Do you want to know who’s there?”.

The priest said, “Yes, please tell me”.

He said, “People like me exist on the other side…”.

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