The night that stole manipal’s heart beat !

Well that was a night like no other. I an not talking about a night at dee tee or at blue waters or any other happening place in Manipal. That night was something different . Okay, keeping aside all the exaggerations let me come to the point. Farhan akhtar people !! Live !! For an unbelievable period of two hours. FB_IMG_1426871906235

It was revels . The much anticipated fest in MIT. Everything was as expected a month before the fest, till they released the poster of Farhan akhtar’s pro show, when the excitement began. Elated moods with cloud 9 levels of expectations started flying around.

PC: Mahesh Mayuur
PC: Mahesh Mayuur
Mahesh Mayuur
Mahesh Mayuur

The day of the event finally came and everyone stood in the line for hours to get into the quadrangle . I must say , what we expected and what happened there was nothing that can be compared. One word. Crazy . Another word. Ecstatic . One more ! Rocking! This is my simplest description of his performance that night . We expected a movie stars performance to be frank, but we got a rock star instead. From the crowd favourite songs of Rock on to Zindaa of Bhaag milka bhaag, with touches of alternative English rock and not to miss out his shaayris, he made the event into a proper rock concert. I can say for sure that farhan did manage to steal thousands of hearts in Manipal with his presence. Needless to say he got impressed by our music addicted cranky lot ! Hoping to see such a performance once again in the future …

Written by: Sravan Chenji
Photo credits : Mahesh Mayuur

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