The memories which someday you will tag as PRICELESS.


I’ve got the last few months of my college life left and I’m nostalgic already. How all we final year students will miss these college days! The usual hangout places, the spots where we have stood forever fooling around, the class-rooms, the canteen, the various food joints, the theatres, the roller-coaster rides on the city buses etc – yes, they will all be missed. Because these might not be significant landmarks, but these are the places that made the memories we’ll carry along with our baggage as we bid goodbye… to each other, and to the place which became our second home! The memories which will some day in future, transport us back to the land where magic once dwelled.

Innovation Centre (IC)

Some days back as I passed the fountain with the rotating globe at Tiger Circle, I just realized that there are so many icons that literally stand out while representing Manipal. Those which significantly stand proud. We pass by them every other day, and our eyes are accustomed to them by now. Can we for a moment drift back to the time we first came to Manipal? To the moment we first saw the fountain as we got down the luxury bus, or passed by in the taxi. It was all very fascinating then, wasn’t it? The End-Point, the EDU building, the Greens…

I remember my reaction when I first entered the MIT campus for my counseling. As I walked with my dad as directed by the signs, I recall gasping with amazement as the majestic Innovation Centre(IC) loomed slowly in front of my eyes. It was a display of pure splendor. An exhibit of beauty and elegance. Then I entered the NLH(New Lecture Hall), and the class-rooms got me exclaiming – WOW! Anyway, but now when we pass by these spots, we don’t admire its beauty or splendor, but one look at it reminds us of all the times we spent in and around there. What we take back from here are not the pictures of perfection, but the familiarity of the ambience!

30 nostalgic photos of manipal 1997 to 2001
Manipal EDU

With all these thoughts running in my head, something flashed me. I realized I have so very many pictures with my friends at the most unusual place in and around manipal. But the most iconic, significant places? – NONE! Can you effing believe it? I have no picture of me with/without my friends at the EDU, not at the fountains, nor at the IC…and End-Point? Nuh-uh! 🙁 With just about two months left to make more memories, me and my friends have decided to have walk-a-thons in Manipal on jobless days, ramble around, and make sure to have photos clicked at every nook and corner which is connected to our college life or signifies Manipal as a whole!

Tiger Circle

Make sure you have one of your own click-a-thons before you leave, for these will indeed be tagged – PRICELESS! People will come, people will go… We came, and we’ll leave… we’ll never be the same again, while the globe in the fountain at Tiger Circle will still keep turning, probably with the hope that what goes around comes around, or in apt words – with a hope that those WHO go around will come back around! Amen.


  1. Nostalgic indeed… and sincerely we passed out in 2013, my group of friends has a pact among ourselves to meet on a particular date of the year, every year, in Manipal… So far, so good… 🙂

  2. extremely nostalgic thanks to this well written article, graduation days are approaching and i really wonder how much every 4th year student is gonna miss Manipal & its glory :’ /

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