The Manipal Spirit: Virtually There – V1

The Manipal Spirit

If you are in Manipal and if you have read V1 as Version one, you got it right!

For those who didn’t, welcome to Virtually There (VT). Time to move on, time to read on!

Most of us always start on a very high note, on different aspects that becomes a part of our life, either knowingly or unknowingly. Positive start is always commendable and pumps us with lot of energy. Biggest illusion of these aspects is the mysterious unknown destiny. Well, It’s said that, journey is always beautiful than the destiny. Has the word “journey” replaced the word “present” here? Give it a thought…

The manipal spirit: virtually there - v1 1
The Manipal Spirit

Tomorrow is called future, yesterday is called past and, today is called the present, indeed; life is the present and is a present!

You would have seen a retired old man in his seventies, lying down in an old wooden chair, thinking about his past and smiling. He would have spent all his life working. Raising a family, supporting them, living for them, contributing for the society, getting the necessary things done, struggling for each rupee, planning for the better future, all this would have given him a pillow full of worries. There could have been a time where he would have faced adversities and blamed the God for his life. In the process, the innocent smile, his lone processions till his twenties, given by Him, would have died. He rediscovers!

Imagine a world with one religion- the present. Where each one of us would plan and work for its empowerment. When we say one world, why not think “we one”. Now, when I look back, Manipal seeded this feeling in me. Yes, it is definitely a mini melting pot. I have made friends with my classmates from all around the country. Some of them from abroad too. I think, this is what lit the kindle, a term called “Manipal Spirit”, in all of us. We have overcome the constraints, we have overcome the barriers. We are able to connect to any human of this world. We are designed like this in our stay here. We have developed humanity. We have won. Now I have defined we one, Cheers!


  1. My placing of exclamation symbols may be wrong, but whenever the Manipal spirit arises, I can’t help placing them.
  2. Vocabulary that will be used may be limited; my articles will not help GRE preparations.
  3. I won’t promise the number of versions that I’ll write in VT, but I promise, with each new version, learning will increase.
  4. I’ll let my readers to give the verdict in the end; I’ll only put my points and views.
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