The Manipal Morning- Entry no 29(Paranormal Romance)

This place amazes me everyday…As crazy as the following may sound…all the facts are true and accurate. This is a day from the life of a placed, fourth year, CSe guy who has never had a relationship\date\fling yet. So the topsy-turning turmoil enters his life on a dazzling Sunday night…not at DT, OB, or Big Boss but at his room where he was just back from a friends birthday party (one of the very few he attended in past four years) and just like every other MITian he was frustrated with ION but he was fortunate that night. So he was chatting on WhatsApp with this girl he had met a few weeks back through a common friend. Eventually, both tired of chatting, the guy called her up at around midnight and was ok uptill2am until his roommate got disturbed and “the guy” had to move out to the corridors and met a cat with its dinner(mouse) in its mouth. They kept talking random stuff like relatives, accidents, transfers etc. and they were on til one of their mobile got discharged. Then he went back to the room and they chatted on Facebook till 5. In the meanwhile the girl asked if he liked him and as always happens he said yes and the whole situation got awkward but the boy did pretty good and the girl supported him perfectly to get the conversation back online. Then a call was made and guess what…he asked her out to end point at that instant and even after persuasion she refused. But this guy is pretty serious about what he says and sometimes takes mad decisions. So he went ahead with the plan of going to End Point and he made it in time for the sunrise which never really happened that day because of the dense clouds.

As he reached the horizon, the daylight started slowly breezing out with an ooze. The aura now consists of peace, duck-quacks, the soft chimes of devotional music coming from a distant temple, the sound of falling droplets, the coo-coo of the birds and the clouds encapsulating his silent chamber. As he types this letter he keeps a track of time to make it to class in time along with the various worries including seminar (ppt + report), industrial training report, etc. Also he introspects himself and the clouds in his life seems dissolving just like the place starts settling its dew. He also wanders about what he had done in past four years and is enjoying his life(And the thought of that girl keeps peeping in). Afraid of a distant dense cloud and the white clouds slowly moving toward him which has already engulfed the complete valley, he plans to make a move.


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