The Manipal Conclave – Day 2

Students queued up in front of Fortune Inn Valley View on the 6th of October as they waited for the exciting lineup of speakers for The Manipal Conclave. The seats filled up quickly as the evening began with an encouraging buzz.

The first speaker of the lineup was Dr. G. Arunkumar, a member of the Manipal Center for Virus Research. He familiarized the audience with their encounters with mystery diseases which included Encephalitis, Zika virus and Nipah virus ranging between the years 2014 and 2018.

Next up was one of our own, Ananya Roy, a student of Manipal Institute of Technology. She enlightened the audience about the ‘Evolution of Music Production’. She began by narrating her journey of being a music lover from the time when she was in her mother’s womb to become a creator of music, now. Alongside describing the journey of music production she also mesmerized the audience by playing her original pieces on the synthesizer and displaying how live mixing is done.

This was followed by a talk by the bestselling author Ashwin Sanghi. He went on to tell the audience the story of ‘How I became a bestseller’. He started off by giving a bit of his background and continued to explain his theory on rejections and how to face them. He presented facts and encouraged the audience to not give up even if the odds were unfavourable. This was followed by a Q and A session by the audience and a book signing and buying opportunity.

A small speech by the managing director of Jansport, the title sponsor of Tech Tatva, was given in order to create awareness about the brand and its history, among the youth of the city.

Last came the most awaited speaker of the evening, critically acclaimed and mass appreciated actor, Radhika Apte. She engaged in a tête-à-tête with the host, Rajdeep Dasgupta. The questions ranged from her recent movie, Andhadhun, and her college life to her love for acting, her rebellious nature and her choice of scripts. This was also superseded by a Q and A session where she spoke about sexual harassment in the industry, and her ignorance towards trolls.

All the speakers were felicitated by a memento and the event ended on a cheerful note after the vote of thanks by the convener, Shubham Garg.

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