The Manipal Bug Story

Scarred, sometmes for life! The Manipal bug is most commonly seen around June to October, with September showing the highest incidence each year.

About 20 years ago, when Pushkar Singh was 17, he came to Manipal,bright-eyed with a lot of dreams,and hopes of getting an engineering degree from Manipal Institute of Technology. Everything was going along great, he was brilliant in his academics, and he excelled in sports. But the thing most appreciated about Pushkar was his handsome appearance and was the darling of all the girls in Manipal and envy of his colleagues!

Blister Beetle Scarring
Scarred, sometmes for life! The Manipal bug is most commonly seen around June to October, with September showing the highest incidence each year.

That all changed during the rainy season in his second year at MIT. The newly constructed hostels facing the valley provided for some of the most scenic vistas for the students and were coveted by one and all. Pushkar with his great charm,managed to grab a valley facing room for himself and settled down to what he thought would be a wonderful 3 years in MIT, Manipal.

He however was in for a rude shock as one fine day when he woke up, he felt a burning sensation on his face,which soon spread to his neck. No amount of washing could rid him of the pain and itching. As the day progressed, there was increased redness and streaks of pus filled boils that appeared in the region of the face and neck. By the time he went to the hospital, his face appeared to be completely disfigured. He was prescribed various creams , however, the scarring persisted and he was never the same again, physically or mentally. The scarring, made him feel depressed about his looks and he became a social recluse and as a result, he stopped performing in class as well.

He passed out of MIT, with less than average marks and took up his family business and to this day rues the night of the Manipal Bug.

This is fictitious story. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely co-incidental.  However  if you stay in Manipal, this could well be your story!

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  1. I am restraining myself from using harsh language here. It’s a very poorly written article, in fact I’m unliking your fb page.

    • Reactions include FB likes, Tweets, Mailed stuff and comments. This article is quite old. Plus WordPress does seem to have a few bugs 🙁

  2. What a waste of my time !! Even a fiction article is supposed to have a message… It is unfortunate that the blog’s name and work are contradictory !!

    • At least you now know the symptoms that may occur due to interaction with the Manipal bug.

    • This isn’t fake news. this is an informative article on the symptoms of Manipal Bug syndrome.

  3. it seems a very “negative” ,”depressing” article to me ; at the end what i was expecting is: remedies to that bug or how to avoid that bug .
    Article could have been a bit positive .

  4. Not a well written article. Lacked content as well. Hope ‘Nurse’ comes up with better stuff next time.

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