The Magic of First Love

Walking hand-in-hand, staring into the depth of each other’s eyes, speaking volumes without uttering a single word, smiling at the smallest of things, finding joy in the most trivial things, eyes sparkling with a twinkle, smiling to oneself with a dreamy look reflecting in your eyes, waiting impatiently for ‘that call’, the proximity that makes your heart go wild, the racing heart beat and the thudding of the heart so loudly you feel you can hear them clearly, the quickened pace of your breathing, your heart skipping a beat each time you get a call, glancing at your cell phone every minute to check if you have got a text, waiting for just one glimpse of someone, thinking of one person day in and day out- are these the cardinal signs of love?

Probably yes… you can’t seem to keep your eyes off him… you go to class early just to catch a glimpse of him… your eyes are glued to the door and your heart skips a beat… you cast a sideways glance and you catch him doing the same and you lower your eyes shyly… Both try to act as if they are unaware of what just passed… You know sparks will fly but you are just too shy or may be a little apprehensive about what’s going to happen…

People around you start noticing the glow on your face, the smile playing on your lips all day long, the twinkle in your eyes when you speak of that special someone, the slight blush that colours your cheeks every time you mention him… you know deep in your heart that he is the one you’ve been thinking about day in and day out… deep inside, you know he feels the same… you muster courage to go up to him and speak but every time you go near him, you just get lost in your web of confused feelings and you end up retreating without uttering a single word… slowly, the awkwardness recedes giving way to the blossoming of a beautiful friendship… you embark upon the journey of discovering each other and probably the thread of friendship brings your hearts together… deep inside, you know you want him in your life… but now it’s the beauty of your friendship that holds you back from dropping the façade and revealing your feelings of love… staking your friendship at the altar of love seems to be too heavy a price to pay… you probably wonder if he is thinking the same…

Then one fine day, you realize things won’t work out if you don’t take a chance… A chance at love… who knows what future has in store for you… it’s your first time and you do not know how to go about it… finally, the confession and then starts the beautiful journey of first love… it’s truly a feeling that can never be compared with any other… you are in that phase of euphoria and unparalleled ecstasy which knows no bounds… you feel happy every moment of the day… you find pleasure in everything happening around you… you know you are in love and you feel so good about it that you want to shout and proclaim your love infront of the whole world.

You know life couldn’t get better than this with the person you love right next to you, walking hand-in-hand with you… it’s like a fairytale come alive… then comes the bumpy ride… every relationship has to go through tough times and if it’s strong enough, it survives the test of time… people who are destined to be together always end up together… but there’s a different charm when your first love blossoms into a successful relationship which can never be challenged by any hurdles… years of togetherness bring with it maturity, trust and understanding… the three pillars of a strong relationship; however, the teenage dreams and the teenage romance is always hidden under years of experience and if you are lucky enough to have your first true love with you till your last breath, it doesn’t take much to fuel your teenage romance… the passion and innocent immaturity always remains and doesn’t need much fuel to resurface… it’s all about keeping the romance alive… a simple gesture, a reassuring hug, or just reliving good moments from the past to celebrate the magic of your first love… people who find true eternal love in their first love are chosen ones, people who have had to face challenges to keep the fire alive and yet haven’t gone through the agony of a heartbreak…!!

For those who haven’t been that lucky, there may be different reasons for things not working out… moving on is the rule for some and wallowing in the past for some others… bigger and better things might be on the cards and you might even end up with someone better… but I am sure everyone has to agree that the magic of first love can never be matched… the fire, the passion, the first memories… it’s all too different… a tribute to the magic of first love….

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