The Longings…


I can recollect that tune which has been a part of everyone’s past; the same time, the same channel, the same evening. I waited for Mowgli so that I can see him play with Baloo. I still remember how Aladdin used to convince Jasmine’s father. I feel the loneliness of Cinderella. As I involve myself a little the scenes of my favourite cartoon starts sprouting in front of my eyes and the flashback of my childhood follows it…..

Childhood memories
Every Year, When The Summer Comes To The End, I Feel A Nostalgia For My Childhood. I Wish I Could Be A Child Again And Go Back To School!

The imagination of those moments still replenishes my childlike dreams. Well it do remind me that how I used to ask my mother that why am I not a princess!!! Her sweet reply echoes in my ears “You are my cute little princess” and the heart pounding happiness I used to get from her words cherish a very important aspect of my childhood.

Not only this, I waited for my father bothering my mother too much “When will papa come?” as he assured me that he would get a cuddly teddy . And the same he could replace with a Barbie on his return. The sound of his car would make me run downstairs in haste and maa following me “Don’t run on the stairs betu.” And within a couple of time all my friends would come to know that I had a new toy.

Before my exams I asked maa that will I get a new  toy if I scored good as all my friends have been promised a gift based on their marks. Her answer made another beautiful aspect of my life “our love is not out of any expectations from you. Whatever you want you will get nevertheless you need to study for your future.”

My papa have been out of station for last 3 days. “Maa I want to tell papa that today Divya got 2 stars in her notebook whereas m’am gave me only 1.” My mom prompted me with an idea of writing him a letter and I was convinced. I took a middle sheet from my 4 lined notebook and started. All that ended in 2 hours involving my mumma’s help. Now the thought in my childlike mind was how to deliver the sweet note to him. I kept it underneath his pillow with a hope that it would reach him. The next morning the vacated place beneath the pillow made my eyes filled with joy and satisfaction. Mother’s are so mindblowing sometimes, even without making you realize they make it come true what you have dreamt off. That was the same with my maa too. Her act of hiding the letter made me feel that some angel has dropped that note in my father’s hand making him realize that I was waiting for him and now he would come soon.

It’s my birthday. My mom could notice me peeping through the preparations inspite of not understanding anything. “What happened?” she asked while encountering me a little confused. “Maa can I get ready now?” This is the 4th time I am asking her the same question. “Betu let me just end-up with this work and then I will dress you up.” I had no other option rather than waiting. After rearranging all the messed-up, my mom finally had time to make me feel that yeah it’s my birthday. I wore a baby pink midi with white little bellies. I actually don’t remember that dress but these picks reveal the same. I am in arms of my papa with my maa being conscious about my hairstyle.

Some memories are to be cherished not to be possessed. Some moments are to be felt with closed eyes while some feelings are to be rejoiced with tears.


  1. i know i m too late for the reply bt thnks to u all for acknowledging this writing with such appreciation…..

  2. This writing is brilliant. This story is brilliant. It radiates light
    and envelops you in warmth and creates a sanctuary amidst chaos. The
    ending really tied it together, and that last line alone made me connect
    to your character. Brilliant, brilliant indeed.

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