The Joys of Retiring in Seneca

When you are looking at choices of locations where you’d like to retire, Seneca in South Carolina might well be one of the places that will catch your fancy. Here is another spot that seems to have everything, making your decision that much more difficult!

Seneca is often referred to as ‘City of Smiles, City with Style’ because it has become a major draw for active adults who want to enjoy a good life. Seneca is yet another place that seems to have just about everything anyone could ever want all in one place. The natural beauty of this place has caught the attention of many people who are on the lookout for a suitable place to relocate to.

Seneca is situated in Oconee County, along the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and is flanked by the Keowee and Hartwell lakes, both of which are substantial in size. The town has the advantage of being located in a naturally beautiful setting, so if that’s what you are looking for – you’ve got it – along with a whole lot more.

Seneca has a number of opportunities for recreational and cultural pursuits, so you can be sure that you really will enjoy a good life here. Take a look.

Apart from the beauty of its natural surroundings, Seneca actually has a naturally formed recreational area to call its own. The town enjoys a mild climate throughout the year, with temperatures varying between 32°F in January and 88°F in July.

The population of the town is around 8,000. Cities close to Seneca include Spartanburg, Anderson and Greenville. Among the smaller towns located near Seneca are Clemson, Salem and Walhalla. The Chattanooga River is close by, as are the metropolitan cities of Atlanta and Charlotte.

Because it enjoys an equable climate the whole year round, the residents of Seneca are able to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities, such as fishing, boating, white water rafting, hiking and bird watching. Golf and tennis are popular sports here. Residents also take a great deal of interest in college events here.

If you can live in Seneca, you should consider yourself very fortunate. This is one place where you really have got yourself a package deal. Take just about anything at random – you name it, it’s there, whether you are talking about banking, shopping, restaurants, clubs or medical care – and that again is apart from the wide range of outdoor activities that we’ve already talked about.

You’ll find historical attractions along the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor and the Foothills Parkway. You’ll also find the South Carolina Botanical Gardens at Clemson – another big draw. If you are looking at educational opportunities, there it is once again – the reputed Clemson University, located 7 only miles away at Clemson. There are also a number of cultural hotspots.

Downtown Seneca is a lively and interesting area where the residents often meet their friends, do their shopping, attend to bank work etc. There are also churches and civic clubs, many of which are suitable for older residents. They also offer scope for activities involving the community at large.

As for housing, again, there is a wide range of choices in different price ranges. You’ll find older homes in downtown Seneca, as well as golf villas and retreats by the lakeside. The average price of a home here is about $ 90,700. If Seneca does strike you as an attractive choice for retirement and you’d like further details, you could contact the Seneca Area Chamber of Commerce.

If you decide to live in Seneca after you retire, you could almost call it a dream destination. Just think about it, how often do you find practically everything you want in one place. Aren’t you lucky!!

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