The Internet and Manipal by Aman Mitra

Even if the project you're working on doesn't require the internet, it can be hard to pass up the opportunity to browse the web for free.

The Internet is one of if not the most important parts of any teenager’s life these days. Our entire lives revolves around internet and how we use it. Be it using it for educational purposes like doing project research, checking attendance, downloading PPTs and documents for studying or sitting in class and scrolling through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for so long that you reach the posts you saw right before sleeping the last night and don’t even get me started on how we could not function without Whatsapp.

It is a brilliant versatile thing; something everybody should have access to and access to it is controlled by a certain few companies services of whom vary greatly in quality. Mobile data is super important to all of us. Being teenagers in India is kind of sad sometimes cause free WiFi isn’t everywhere yet which means we heavily rely on mobile data which as we all know is a real pain too.

This leaves us with the commercial service providers and the main service providers in Manipal are I-On. The internet in India is still developing and is not up to the level of the other countries. Other than Airtel and a handful of other ISPs, the internet availability in its quality isn’t great and such is the case with I-On. It is super slow, the login page glitches 70% of the time and God help you if you wanna stay logged in for more than 20 minutes but it’s something we have to put up with.

All in all, the internet great but in India it still has a way to go. Mobile data and WiFi need to be improved a lot and we really need to catch up. Also. Net Neutrality ftw!

About the Author: Aman Mitra is a student at Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal.

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