The golden glory of summer

Thanks to the increasing purchasing power of people, the availability of magic wizard called ‘inverter’ is common in almost all houses. Today, the word ‘power-cut’ has been erased from our memories. An electric outage for a meager five minutes turns out to be the moment of crime for the power supply department.  As we appreciate the improved condition of living, lets walk back to the yards of past when we enjoyed power cuts, especially during summers.

The lanes to reunion were filled with fun
The lanes to reunion were filled with fun

Before your suspicion widens up and you start wondering if I belong to a different world, let me disclose that I am talking about those two good months which left a mark in our lives, the summer vacation.

Recall the last day of your final exams. We used to be elated not only because we combated a complete year of academics, but also because it was time to head back to home-town. Long, tiring and seamlessly hopping journeys rather lifted our spirits as we made home with our family. Sometimes we would quietly listen to our parents conversing about their experience in the home-town, sometimes we add in to the discussion. Add to it the arrival of cousins. It made the journey sweet regardless of any hurdles or delay. Some of us even turned future mathematicians for a moment, as we vaguely calculated the estimated time of ours and cousins arrival. 

Family re-union ignited flames of unlimited fun
Family re-union ignited flames of unlimited fun

Joy multiplied to the limit of infinity as soon as we reached our ancestral homes. We used to be greeted and loved by our grandparents. In case we were the first ones to arrive we eagerly awaited relatives. The emptiness of house soon used to turn to a joyful cacophony of discussions.
Those were the times when we eagerly awaited the opportunity of gathering at roof top. And what could be a better time than the power cut period? We exploited the electricity outage period and played, sung, mimicked and shared our stories. In case the power outage prolonged, we slept on the rooftops under the blanket of sky and care of breeze with mother moon staring at us with affection.

As we keep on innovating today, we slowly head away from old memories. Today, vacation does not necessarily means heading to ancestral home. The rate of families visiting their villages or towns of origin has slowly started declining. Are we doing away with our old good habits? Whether yes or no, we certainly miss those golden memories of past. For those who are still going to their ancestral place, continue the tradition.



  1. nice post 😀
    Just one comment : Now-a-days, many grandparents stay in cities with their children, so many don’t get a chance to visit their ancestral homes.
    Even I loved the days when we used to visit my aunt’s place in BBSR, awesome days 🙂

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