The Girl at the Fair – Anam Khan


The girl at the fair - anam khan 1On a spring morning adorning a velvet sky

I saw her in a fair with mystic rides.

That lonely girl with dreamy eyes

Kisses the zenith with her blissful smile.


Locks swaying down her cheeks

She was pink, innocent and meek.

Standing behind the wall, gazing all

Then looking at the sky, smiling at her lord.


That pretty little girl, amused me at once

The only child standing out of the fence.

So I walked to her and call her hence

But to my despair, I shattered then.


That little angel with crippled legs

Leaning to the wall, even crutches bereft.

I stood beside her; a smile dawned on her face

Reciting her stories, leaving me dazed.


She said the world is beautiful, see the children’s play

Their ardor makes me so amazed.

So she watches them everyday

Running around in free rein.


That little girl, brave little girl

Mocks at our worried world

She believes one day she would fly high

Hop on the rollercoaster and down on the great slide.


From the sunlit sky to the settling dusk

That little girl stands there with hope and trust.

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